Colored Stones: Setting A New Standard Part 5

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Weight is an important element in all gemstone values. Carat is the unit of weight in which diamonds and other gemstones are measured. In relation to milligrams one carat is equal to 200 milligrams, or .02 grams. Depending on how someone chooses to sell their gems, they can be sold in fractions of carats or points of carats. In points, each and every one carat is divided into 100 units called points. Smaller carats are divided into smaller points, for example a half carat is 50 points, and a ¼ carat is 25. So when you go to purchase a half carat you may request a 50 point gemstone. Or, you can refer to your gemstone with fractions in which a half carat would be equal to .42-.54 carats.

It is important to note that carats are only a unit of weight. Depending on a stones size, either carats or dimensions are used to calibrate the stones worth. When gemstones are relatively small and lack ‘exciting’ dimensions they are calibrated by their carat weight. When a stone is rather large it is inversely calibrated by its dimensions. Stones calibrated by dimension however are still defined by estimated carat weights. The difference is that different gemstones have different carats based on their density rather than just their size differences. For example sapphire is a much more dense stone than a diamond is. Therefore, one carat of a diamond will be larger than one carat of a sapphire gemstone.

In the end carats are generally the key in determining price ranges in gemstones, and AZEERA cuts all gems in calibrated sizes. Ensuring that each stone falls in range with its proper dimensions and weight. Making every stone perfect for your custom gemstone engagement ring. Check out the rest of this 5 part series for a better understanding of why AZEERA Gems are simply the best.

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