Colored Stones: Setting A New Standard Part 4

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Both diamonds and colored gemstones have something we call inclusions which are characteristics that are enclosed within a gemstone. Depending on the stone these inclusions can be diminishing or they can enhance gemstone value. To scientists, these inclusions are all important, as they reveal the true nature of a gemstone. Each gem is unique so this is important for scaling how each gemstone varies in chemical composition, impurities and where it is formed.

Diamonds, because they are all formed primarily of carbon under extreme heat and pressure, have 6 clarity grades. These include: Flawless, Internally Flawless, Very Very Slightly Included, Very Slightly Included, Slightly Included, and Included.

Colored Stones however are much more difficult to find flawless as they are all product of different chemistry and environment. Their complex chemistry and crystallization makes each much different than the one before it. As result of this, colored gemstones are graded on the basis of three clarity categories. Each stone falling under one type.

Type I stones are generally found without any inclusions. They are deemed clean to the eye with no visible inclusions to and unaided eye.

Type II stones are generally found with a few noticeable inclusions. These inclusions mean the stone is not “eye clean” however the visible inclusions are few to the unaided eye.

Type III stones are found with many noticeable inclusions. These stones are not deemed “eye clean” because the inclusions visible to the unaided eye are many.

AZEERA bases their stone selection on the redeeming qualities in which consumers value each stone. Our gemstones range from Type I to Type III depending on what consumers view as beautiful. We know gemstones and we know what you will love. Check out the rest of our 5 part Setting a New Standard series to see how we craft only the perfect gemstones for your custom gemstone ring.

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