Citrine Engagement Rings: For Relationship Success

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Citrine is one of the many gemstones AZEERA Gems offers, and just like all the others it has its own special meaning to spirit, relationships and healing. Naturally we love Citrine for its joyous and bright yellow color so there is nothing wrong with designing your own engagement ring with a citrine stone just because you love it! It is a truly magnificent stone, with beautiful light properties. We also believe, that once you hear all the wonderful meanings of citrine you won’t be able to find a reason NOT to design your custom engagement ring with it!

Citrine is special to relationships because it is known as “The Success Stone.” A lot of people misinterpret this to just mean in money and business, but it also applies to love. This incredible stone works to combat negative energy of any kind keeping you clear from unwanted energies that can affect your relationship. Citrine balance your solar plexus chakra increasing, magnifying and clarifying your personal power, giving you stability energetically. Providing you with increased sense of power, confidence and clarity in your personal life and in your relationship. Because Citrine fights against negative energy, this stone can bring happiness anyone.

Keeping these qualities in mind how could you not want to bring joy and success to your relationship! Let your significant other know you are in this for the long haul, through good times and bad, sickness and health, but most importantly you are in it to succeed together.

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