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There are many traditions associated with wedding anniversaries, including gifting your partner presents made of different materials for each year of marriage. Since paper, cotton, and leather aren’t exactly the most romantic of gifts, we prefer the anniversary gemstone list to help you decide on the perfect jewelry for your significant other. Explore the gemstones and precious metals for the first few years of your marriage to discover the perfect anniversary jewelry for your loved one.

Year One

The first year of marriage on the anniversary gemstone list is actually celebrated with a precious metal: gold. Since you’re still adjusting to married life, you don’t want to dive right in to precious gemstones. Instead, we recommend that your anniversary jewelry be completely stone free. Opt for a pair of cufflinks for him or a simple chain necklace for her to commemorate your first year together.

Year Two

Eternity Baddha Garnet Band

Year two of the anniversary gemstone list is the blood red stone known as garnet. This stone is symbolic of many things including truthfulness and friendship. As your love and compassion for each other grows, you should remember to always be honest with one another and turn to your best friend in times of stress and trouble.

Year Three

You’ve made it to your third year of marriage and it’s time to celebrate with a piece of pearl jewelry. While not exactly a stone, pearls are still a precious material that look beautiful embedded in earrings and necklaces. They symbolize long life and fertility, so we think they’re the anniversary gemstone for the third anniversary because maybe you’ve started considering adding another member to your family.

Year Four

Petite Open Bezel Vigata Swiss Blue Topaz Band

Now that you’ve been together for four years, it’s time to move up to some of the rarer and more expensive anniversary gemstones like blue topaz. Associated with love and loyalty, this is the perfect stone for anniversary jewelry that celebrates your fidelity and faithfulness to your partner. Find blue topaz gemstone cufflinks and everyday rings to exchange on this special day.

Year Five

Five years is definitely an accomplishment and you’re going to want to celebrate with a sapphire gemstone. Sapphire comes in various shades of blue, making it easy to customize your gift and ensure it matches your partner’s personality. This is another stone that commemorates your allegiance to your significant other as well as the sincerity of your relationship. When you give this gift, evaluate where you stand with each other and vow to continue being honest and open in your love.

Year Six

Simple Double Line Anukrta Amethyst Band

You’ve made it to year six, and now you have a choice between two different anniversary gemstones. Both amethyst and turquoise are symbolic options for your sixth year of marriage and they each offer a variety of stylistic opportunities. Turquoise is the ideal stone for anyone who has an earthy, grounded personality. This person loves silver jewelry with rustic accents that speak to the tranquil, intuitive power of the stone.

Amethyst is a slightly more elevated option that can be cut or left smooth. Amethyst is supposed to be connected to spirituality and creativity, so you may want to choose this gemstone for a partner who is an artist.

Grow Your Love

If you’re lucky enough to remain in love with your partner for 10, 15, or even 50 years, the gemstones continue to increase in value and eventually you’ll be shopping for rubies and diamonds. Each time you shop for a new anniversary gift, you’re celebrating the love that the two of you continue to share.

Let AZEERA help you find the right gift for any anniversary when you explore our collection of customizable jewelry designs. Shop everything from simple, minimalist styles to unique, statement pieces to find the right gift for your partner today.

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