Top 5 Most Romantic Ways To Propose In 2017

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There is one story that no one will ever stop asking you to tell- Your proposal. Aside from that amazing gemstone engagement ring she will be toting around the rest of your life, your proposal story will forever be your marriages ‘crowning jewel.’

So, AZEERA has put together a list of the 5 most romantic ways for you to propose in 2017:

  1. At her favorite place- restaurant, national park, lake, hotel, rooftop, garden, where ever it may be. Once you’ve lured her there, ask someone to take a picture of the two of you, right when you she is getting ready to pose with you, drop to one knee and pour your heart out!
  2. At the movie theater- Create a special video just for your fiancé that ends with those all-important four words “Will you marry me.” Ask your theater to run the proposal “trailer.” Arrive early to your movie, sit back, relax and wait until the end of your video to pop out the ring!
  3. On the plane- Plan a romantic getaway that involves a plane ride, then (after talking with the flight attendants, of course) once you are 30,000 feet in the air, pull a ‘Happy Gilmore,’ get on the loudspeakers, confess you love for her end your speech by walking up to her seat and proposing down on one knee.
  4. In bed- Spend the day putting glow and the dark stars on your ceiling. With just the white stars spell out “will you marry me?” Camouflage the stars by placing colored stars sporadically around the question. Then when you go to bed, have her lay down while you shut off the light. To add to the surprise, place her ring underneath her pillow!
  5. With breakfast- During the night, while your sweetheart is still sleeping, slip the engagement ring on her. Then wake up extra early, prepare her favorite breakfast, and deliver it to her in bed. She will wake up to the surprise of her life!

No matter how you do it, make sure it’s perfect by giving her a custom gemstone engagement ring from AZEERA. As luck would have it, a yes is just four words away!

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