5 Signs He Is Getting Ready To Pop The Question

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Are you getting anxious about your man popping the question? Have no fear, AZEERA is here to help you sort out the signs. After years of helping men prepare to pop the question with beautiful custom gemstone engagement rings, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 signs, he’s ready to propose to you:


  1. He has committed to more than just being your boyfriend.

Signs of this include: moving in together, getting a pet together, moving to a whole new location together, combining of social circles, etc. He is totally setting himself up to be in this relationship long term!


  1. He is suddenly concerned about money.

Signs of this include: Starting a budget, going out to eat less, asking you to contribute more with bills, etc. He is obviously trying to build up some pocket change so he can finally go out and purchase you that unique gemstone engagement ring you’ve been dreaming of!


  1. He starts cleaning up his act.

Signs of this include: cooking you dinner, making the bed, calling you to check in, making you breakfast in bed, increasing his shaving habits, getting dressed up more often, etc. He is cleaning up to make sure you have all the reasons in the world to say yes!


  1. He picks you over the guys.

Signs of this include: Skipping out on poker or bar nights with the guys, ditching happy hour after work, opting out of the free hockey tickets from work, etc. He’s prepping you to get used to spending excess time with him! At this point you are probably more fun than his guy friends anyway!


  1. He starts noticing your jewelry.

Signs of this include: him pointing out your jewelry more than normal, him snooping through your jewelry box, him asking about your favorite pieces of jewelry, etc. He’s obviously trying to feel out your style preferences!

Don’t panic, you know you are ready, and as long as you have a few AZEERA.com pages in your browser history…we are sure he will pick out the perfect engagement ring, and the most romantic way to propose to you this year. Get excited! Your life is about to change.

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