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Pop the Question with a Pop of Color! Pick a Gemstone Engagement Ring

So, you are about to pop the question, you found the one, the love of your life, the women that completes you. Congratulations! Now you get to pick out a unique engagement ring that displays the love you have for your future wife in just the perfect way. The customized engagement ring that tops all others and that your honey will wear for the rest of her life. Don’t stress, Azeera is here to help you. With our expertise you will be popping the question with a pop of color in no time!

With so many options out there, and with each bride having a different preference, it can be hard to decide what your lady might like best. If she hasn’t given you any hints, don’t panic! With Azeera, you can design your own engagement ring based off of the little details you know and love about her.

First, you will pick out the metal.
EASY! What types of metal does she have in her jewelry box right now? Is it mostly gold, or mainly silver? Does she have metal accents on her purse? What type of metal are they?


white-gold-ringBlueSapphire ring


 Then, you get to pick the gem color!
 EASY! Does she love her birthstone? Does she have any current colored gemstone jewelry? What color is most represented in her wardrobe?




 Afterwards, choose a gemstone shape that suits the ring you've created.
 EASY! Check out how a cushion, emerald, round or even a heart shaped cut go with your gem.


Garnet_Diamond_ringCitrine_Diamond_ringBlackOnyx_ringPinkTourmaline ring


 Finally, you pick the ring style.
 EASY! Is she a simple girl? Does she love drama? Does she like to wear statement pieces? Check out our suggestions or Schedule an Appointment and let us hear your ideas!

If you change your mind about something, don't worry, that is the advantage of Azeera online customization: you can always go a step backward.  More than that, you are always welcome to consult us if you have any doubts or issues.

Ah, one last step - POP THE QUESTION! Good luck!

With all this information in mind, we take her life, plus your love and transform them into perfect gemstone engagement ring.

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