Make Your Anniversary One For The Books: Part 1

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As every married couple knows, hitting those yearly milestones are amazing. But, finding the perfect, heartfelt gift for your sweetheart every year… gets harder… every year. It doesn’t have to be that way though! AZEERA is here to help guide you through the forest of possible gifts and help you come out on top. The trick lies within tradition. Traditionally every anniversary is associated with a specific gemstone. So, for you to have the perfect anniversary every year, consider buying her a new unique gemstone ring for all the milestones you’ve passed!

Let’s talk major gemstone anniversaries:

1st anniversary- Peridot

The first anniversary is one that represents the triumph of completing the first year of many long years together. Peridot is the perfect stone representation of this anniversary because it is known to protect against harmful spirits, danger and evil presences within relationships. It has also been known to relieve relationships of wavering eyes and insecurities.

2nd anniversary- Garnet

The second anniversary is one that represents love, purity, truth and compassion. The precise relationship elements of garnet include: love, fire, passion, truth, grace, vitality, compassion and courage, making it the perfect compliment to this anniversary. Garnet is also known to increase sex drive, which can be important, especially when approaching that two year sexual slump that often occurs.

5th anniversary- Sapphire

The fifth anniversary is the next biggest marker on the anniversary train to forever, and so, what better to represent a successful marriage than Sapphire, the stone that means successful love. It is said that sapphire is a stone of commitment and if the wearer has any wavering affection, the stone will fade from blue to a greenish tint.

Continue reading Part 2 for the gemstones of the 8th, 10th, 13th, 15th, 17th, and 20th anniversaries.

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