Make Your Anniversary One For The Books: Part 2

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Major gemstone anniversaries continued:

8th anniversary- Tourmaline

The eighth anniversary is considered one for the mixture of friendship and love. Tourmaline is the perfect stone for this as it is said to remove negativity, fear, nervousness, and increase strength in relationships. It is said that tourmaline allows the minds of two lovers to more deeply connect.

10th anniversary- Diamond

The tenth anniversary is the mark of truly lasting relationship. For this anniversary, a stone that represents the unconquerable being conquered and the short lived turning into the enduring. This stone is the diamond. The diamond is also known to symbolize continuation of the flame of love.

13th anniversary- Citrine

The thirteenth anniversary is the anniversary for remembering who you are and restoring good health in your relationship. Citrine is the perfect stone for this anniversary thanks to its tendencies to raise self-esteem and promote emotional well-being. It is said to enhance couples patients and understanding for each other as well.

15th anniversary- Ruby

The fifteenth anniversary is one for overcoming obstacles and never wavering from love. The ruby is known for its ability to melt away problems and mend broken relationships. It also represents love and prosperity through relationship trials.

17th anniversary- Amethyst

The seventeenth anniversary represents overcoming all odds. Amethyst is known to protect its wearer from negativity and promote joyfulness within. It is thought to protect relationships from guilty and fearful feelings, symbolizing true piety, humility, sincerity and connection.

20th anniversary- Emerald

The twentieth anniversary is known as a triumph. This is perfectly represented by the gemstone emerald, which is known for its representation of unconditional love. Representing balance, communication, loyalty, faithfulness, and unwavering love, emeralds are the perfect stone to represent the tools of you have used in forming a successful relationship.

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