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Your friend, sweetheart, daughter, or goddaughter has completed 12 long years of schooling and is finally ready to transition into adult life. It’s no small rite of passage in life, and it deserves a gift that’s really memorable.

Whether she’ll be throwing her mortarboard in the air in person or in a virtual ceremony, help her mark this special occasion with a customized piece of high school graduation jewelry. If you already know the kinds of high school graduation personalized gifts she’d appreciate, streamline your search by gemstone, metal, gem shape, and shine type. There’s something sparkly for everyone at AZEERA.

A Meaningful Gift

When selecting high school graduation jewelry, you want something that goes beyond the dazzle with a deeper meaning and ethical story. As more and more customers are becoming aware, diamonds and rubies are often involved in conflict and violence — obscured by long and minimally-traced supply chains.

At AZEERA, we not only select gems that are ethical and conflict-free, but we also give back through the Jewelers for Children charity and affordable prices for our customers. We learned from our father and grandfathers that gemstones should make the world more beautiful through a transparent process and meticulous craftsmanship, and are proud to continue this gemstone legacy of excellence today.

High school graduation personalized gifts rings.

Designing High School Graduation Rings

High school graduation jewelry is highly individual, and there really are no rights or wrongs. When creating high school graduation personalized gifts, here are a few easy tips:

  • Choose the recipient’s birthstone or favorite color.
  • Find out her ring size and favorite metal.
  • Consider her style. Does she appreciate a more traditional or old-fashioned style ring? Does she prefer a minimalist approach, or is she a modern trendsetter when it comes to jewelry?
  • Order the ring well in advance of graduation in order to mitigate any possible delays.

Usually, a graduation ring is worn on the ring finger of the right hand. If it doesn’t quite fit, you can easily send the ring back and we’ll resize it for you — free of charge! Alternatively, it can be worn on another hand or another finger. It’s important that your giftee feel comfortable wearing the ring, as a graduation ring is often worn as everyday jewelry.


Need ideas for your high school graduation jewelry design? Please reach out to our gemstone experts to ask us a question or schedule a callback.

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