Ethical and Affordable Gemstone Engagement Ring Designs

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Ethical And Affordable Gemstone Engagement Ring Designs

Ethically Sourced | Affordable Gemstones Designs

In the modern world, we want it all. We want our products to bring us joy, to be priced fairly, but also to be sourced and produced with respect for everyone involved. At AZEERA, we see that transparency is hard to find in the jewelry industry. In many cases, it comes at a premium. The retail value of Canadian diamonds is roughly 20% more than diamond of unknown marked origin. When we’re buying a diamond for thousands of dollars, that difference adds up.

Information on colored gemstones is especially difficult to find because they are not as mainstream as diamonds. We see this need in the market and hope to deliver something special to you. AZEERA proudly offers you gemstone engagement rings that are both ethical and affordable.

As millennials taking over the business now, we understand our clients’ desires to know more about our products, so we have tailored our business to suit your needs. AZEERA began as an extension of our families’ gem trading businesses. We’ve been sourcing and supplying gems since the 1940s and we hope to share with you that knowledge and experience that our families have gained over the years.

You can see for yourself how and where we cut our gemstones.

You can see the complete story here. We are especially proud of people involved in this process. Our gem cutters are skilled artisans performing their craft in safe and ethical environments.

Because we cut most of our gems, we leave out many of the middlemen that cause jewelry prices to be inflated. Our gems stay in our hands from rough to ring.

The AZEERA Pipeline

Transparency and integrity are very important to us when providing ethical and affordable gemstone engagement rings. You can read more about our commitment to serving you here. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions with honesty and sincerity.

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