Choosing the Best Gemstones For Engagement Rings: Diamond vs. Gemstone

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An engagement ring is a piece of jewelry that will accompany the love of your life throughout your engagement and her lifetime, and should be a piece that captures her unique fire and brilliance. When deciding between diamond versus gemstone engagement rings, you will need to consider your fiancée’s individual preferences as well as the cost, durability, and visual effect of this all-important ring. Read on to learn more about the best gemstones for engagement rings.

The Traditional Bride

Diamonds—by far the rarest and most highly prized gemstones available—are the most traditional and coveted choice for engagement rings. The clarity of a colorless diamond is thought to represent the purity of a couple’s love, while its unmatched durability is thought to be symbolic of your relationship’s strength and endurance.

If you have a large budget, a diamond in a solitaire setting is your go-to choice among the best gemstones for engagement rings. If your budget is more restricted and you would still like to go for a classic-style engagement ring, we suggest choosing a design with a series of smaller diamonds such as a halo ring, or a three-stone model with a colored gemstone centerpiece and two or more diamond accents.

The Outgoing Fashionista

For the adventurous and trendsetting girl, colored gemstone engagement rings represent a daring and unique choice in the decision between diamond versus gemstone engagement rings. Many of these fashion-forward rings incorporate modern designs in the band as well. Thanks to royals like the Duchess of Cambridge, sapphires have gained an especially large following as a contemporary choice for a gemstone engagement ring. However, this precious stone is not the only option. Consider the following suggestions for the best gemstones for engagement rings:

High-End Gemstones for a Touch of Decadence

When searching for the best gemstones for engagement rings, many couples opt for the top three precious stones: ruby, emerald, and blue sapphire. Sapphires, rubies, and emeralds are extremely durable and look stunning when placed in a three-stone setting with diamond accent stones. However, they are also the most expensive of the colored gemstones due to their quality and high demand. This brings us to the next option: Semi-precious gemstones.

Enjoy an Individualized Look with Semi-Precious Gemstones

To give her ring more of a personalized edge, consider an engagement ring that features your sweetheart’s birthstone or favorite color, and be sure to take her current jewelry colors and styles into account. Among our semi-precious colored gemstones, Swiss blue topaz and aquamarine are the hardiest, making them more appropriate for use in engagement rings. Pink tourmaline, amethyst, citrine, garnet, and peridot are a little less hardy (with garnet and peridot being the softest) and are more prone to scratching and breaking. While these gemstones are generally not thought to be the best gemstones for engagement rings, you might consider them for use in an everyday ring or in an engagement ring that is not worn while showering, swimming, or using abrasive equipment.

Other Considerations for Designing the Perfect Engagement Ring

After deciding on a gemstone, select a metal that matches her intended wedding band (especially if they will be worn together) and a style that suits her unique personality. While diamond versus gemstone engagement rings can raise questions about the timelessness of the ring, an antique-style engagement ring with an amethyst or aquamarine looks absolutely stunning and is sure to become a family heirloom.

The Best Gemstones for Engagement Rings Are the Ones that Speak to You

Over and above the advice that anyone can give you, the best gemstones for engagement rings are the ones that speak to you and your fiancée personally. If the ring is a surprise and you’re really not sure what she will like, a diamond ring is the safest and most classic choice. Otherwise, enjoy browsing our exquisite gemstone engagement ring designs with your intended and don’t hesitate to contact our expert design team if you need assistance.

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