Most Popular Gemstones For Engagement Rings

Most Popular Gemstones For Engagement Rings

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Finding the most popular gemstone will help you on your quest in how to buy an engagement ring and maximize your investment.


What Makes Gemstones so Special?

The most obvious difference between diamonds is COLOR! White is timeless, but color is fun and exciting. Break from tradition and celebrate your relationship in style! Diamonds also come in the full spectrum of colors, but they are not cheap. Unless you have a few million dollars lying around. Even then, diamonds are not found with the same color intensity as gemstones. Indulge yourself in the world of color and try out one of these popular choices:



Fiery Red


Pradhi Ring 

The Pradhi Ring in Ruby, Diamond, White Gold. Customize yours here.



Deep Orange Red


Vati Ring 

The Vati Ring in Garnet, Diamond, and White Gold. Customize yours here.



Dazzling Yellow Orange


Stambha Ring

The Stambha Ring in Citrine, Diamond, and White Gold. Customize yours here.



Vibrant Yellowish Green


 Mekhala Ring

The Mekhala Ring in Peridot, Diamond, and White Gold. Customize yours here.



Soothing Light Blue


 Pravat Ring

The Pravat Ring in Aquamarine, Diamond, and White Gold. Customize yours here.


Swiss Blue Topaz

Bright Blue

Swiss Blue Topaz

 Kallola Ring

The Kallola Ring in Swiss Blue Topaz, Diamonds, and White Gold. Customize yours here.


Blue Sapphire

Cornflower Blue


 Kanda Band

The Kanda Band in Sapphire, Diamonds, and White Gold. Customize yours here.



Vivid Purple


Leta Ring

The Leta Ring in Amethyst, Diamonds, and White Gold. Customize yours here.


Pink Tourmaline

Lively Pink

Pink Tourmaline

Ulloca Ring

The Ulloca Ring in Pink Tourmaline, Diamonds, and White Gold. Customize yours here.


Black Onyx 

Sophisticated Black

Black Onyx

 Yama Ring

The Yama Ring in Black Onyx, Diamonds, and White Gold. Customzie yours here.


Are Gemstones Affordable?

Yes! A thousand times, yes! The world of colored gemstones is vast. Unlike diamonds, rarity and supply and demand control the price of colored gemstones. That vivid purple amethyst is more affordable than you think.

$ - Amethyst, Black Onyx, Citrine, Garnet, Peridot, Swiss Blue Topaz

$$ - Aquamarine, Pink Tourmaline

$$$$ - Ruby, Sapphire

$$$$$ - Diamond

There is always a cheaper alternative available in the same color if a particular gem that’s out of your budget. If you like the colored but not price of Ruby, then try Garnet!


Are Gemstones a Good Investment?

Simple answer: YES! With over 60 years of knowledge and experience behind us, we can confidently say that quality gemstones make the best investment. You won’t become a gemstone trader overnight, but you will get a treasured investment that will keep its value over several generations. 

What is a quality gem? A quality gemstone is one that has exceptional color, cut, and clarity.


Where Can You Find A Quality Gemstone?

We specialize in creating quality colored gemstones. Each type gem is unique in its properties, but we strive to maintain the high standards. The art of crafting quality colored stones has been in our family since 1940. In addition, these stones are produced in ethical working conditions in our family-owned workshop.


Visit our store and find the perfect gemstone engagement ring for you. We guarantee that you’ll be happy with your investment.

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