5 Questions to Answer Before Engagement Ring Shopping

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Engagement ring shopping is a rite of passage for couples looking to memorialize their love in a way that is entirely personalized. Let’s face it: people are not taught how to shop for engagement rings. Before you buy, there are some logistics that need to be worked out. That’s where we come in! Here are the top questions that should be answered as you figure out what your dream ring looks like:

Which Shape Is Your Style?

Thinking about how to shop for engagement rings can seem overwhelming at first. There are lots of stone shapes to pick from when you’re engagement ring shopping. Before you narrow down your decision, make sure you check out all your choices. Don’t feel restricted by the thought that a diamond is the only acceptable engagement ring stone. These days, people want a unique ring that’s a special memento. Gemstone engagement rings are a forever trend that really help set yourself apart from other couples. But, before you pick out the stone, you need to figure out how to shop for engagement rings and how to decide the shape it will be set in. In case you need a refresher, here are some of the most popular engagement ring shapes:

  • Round - Indulge in a classic with this iconic shape that’s truly timeless.
  • Princess - The geometric sides of this traditional style give it some modern flair.
  • Cushion - A pillow-y, square cut shape that shines like a vintage dream.
  • Emerald - Turn heads with a sparkly, art deco-style ring shape.
  • Marquise - Feel like royalty with this delicate, elongated shape that looks flattering on every finger size.
  • Oval - Let the stone be the center of conversation with this soft, dainty style that makes a statement.
  • Radiant - This rare, sparkly stone cut is true to its name. With so many deep-cut facets, this rectangular choice is ready to dazzle.
  • Pear -This teardrop shape is the perfect sweetheart style for your dream vintage engagement ring style.
  • Asscher - Admire the shimmering symmetry of this octagonal engagement ring that is totally bold.
  • Baguette - Slim and rectangular, this celestial shape is perfect as a minimalist bride’s engagement ring.

What Size Is Your Finger?

Learn how to shop for engagement rings with a reference point. You don’t have to give away the big proposal surprise by asking about their ring size! There are a few creative ways to find out and make sure you know the size of your perfect ring. You could always ask friends or family for any inside information about your soon-to-be-fiancée’s ring size. You could even try to size it on the finger of someone you know who has a similar size and body type. This comparison could help create an educated guess. If outside resources are slim, you could snap a photograph of the hand and bring along with you while you’re engagement ring shopping. With a good photo, you have a great chance at finding a close fit. Or you can play it super safe and propose with a ring you know is too big. Even though it may not be the perfect size, going back to the jeweler for an engagement ring resizing is more common and easier to manage than the disappointment of the ring not fitting during the proposal.

What’s the Ideal Ring Stone?

aquamarine emerald cut ring

Leave no stone unturned when it comes to engagement ring shopping. As we’ve said, there’s no reason why your dream engagement ring needs to only include a diamond. Let your personality shine in a gemstone engagement ring that brings you joy everyday. Here are our favorite romantic gemstones that really sparkle:

  • Topaz - This glimmering blue beauty is an elegant choice for the modern day bride.
  • Blue Sapphire - A deep, majestic gem that exudes sophistication and a mature love.
  • Ruby - A fiery symbol of love that will command all eyes in the room.
  • Amethyst - Unique and bold, the perfect out-of-the-box gemstone to celebrate your forever love.
  • Pink Tourmaline - A blushing vision of love that will sparkle for all of its days.
  • Citrine - Let your love shine through this sun yellow gemstone that makes a bright complement to a budding marriage.
  • Garnet - Wear your heart on your sleeve and your engagement ring. This deep red gemstone is the embodiment of pure passion.

Each gem brings its own light to your engagement ring style. Whichever gemstone/diamond combination you decide, your personal style is most important. You want a ring that brings you joy to look at every single day.

Contemporary or Vintage?

Everyone has a path that they prefer for how to shop for engagement rings. Knowing whether or not you want a modern or vintage-inspired ring is a good way to make engagement ring shopping feel a lot easier. Once you’ve narrowed down the style, you can gather more inspiration on what you’re looking for. Do you want a more pointed, square-ish vintage gemstone? Or are you seeking a more delicate, minimalist style for the modern day bride? You want a ring that is as timeless as your love. Figuring this out can help you decide where you want to shop for a ring. Where there are special jewelry boutiques, online and in person, there are also antique stores with hidden gems ready to be given new life.

Are You Willing to Budge on the Budget?

It may not be the question you want to answer, but it is an undeniably large part of engagement ring shopping. The most practical way to shop for an engagement ring is to plan within a budget. Ask yourself if you have a little wiggle room if you happen to come across the perfect ring for your person. There is no price tag on love, but there definitely is a price range!

AZEERA has tons of affordable gemstone engagement ring designs that will take your breath away. Choose from a variety of stones, styles, and bands that are the perfect statement of love. Want personal help with engagement ring shopping? Check out our FAQ page for more information! Our team of professionals are ready to help you discover the ring of your dreams. Schedule a call with one of our gemstone experts today!

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