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Nicole Richie is known for her style influence. From the red carpet to the street, she has always had a sense of style that the public craved! While engaged to DJ AM, Adam Goldstein, back in 2005, she rocked a pink tourmaline ring that was bold enough to stick in our minds for years!

That beautifully crafted and polished stone was just the start of Nicole’s ever growing bold lifestyle. As the years have passed and Nicole has grown up we have seen her flourish from “This Simple Life” prissy style to the sophisticatedly bold “Candidly Nicole” style we see today.
Taking Style_1
Seeing her rock all the daring trends from hair color to rings and purses gives us hope that our generation of new fiancés will be looking for trendy, fearless, out of the box engagement rings! AZEERA creates every one of their custom gemstone engagement ring with the world of fashion in mind. We watch fashion icons like Nicole Richie to see where their styles are going, and make a version of it that will fit your lifestyle.
Taking Style_2
This AZEERA Gemstone Ring is perfect for anyone who was awed by Nicoles 2005 gemstone engagement ring. The size is more practical for the everyday lifestyle while keeping the vivid color palette and style of Nicoles, pink tourmaline ring.
Taking Style_3
This AZEERA engagement ring puts Nicole’s 2005 ring to the test! Keeping with an eye-catching silhouette, this gemstone engagement ring gives you more “bling for your buck.” The giant pink tourmaline stone sits atop a single diamond band without an actual diamond setting, making the price of this elegant gemstone ring much more practical.

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