The 2020 Pantone Color of the Year: Blue Gemstone Jewelry You’ll Adore For Decades

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For the last two decades, Pantone has announced a color of the year that always inspires and influences multiple industries. From jewelry and interior design to home furnishings and even basic product packaging, everyone looks to Pantone first to see what they have to say.

Because the color choice is so significant, the selection process for the color is a long and comprehensive process overseen by the experts. After combing the world looking for new color influences, the Pantone experts put the top contenders through a thorough trend analysis. They look at films, art collections, unique technologies, new artists, and fashion as well as popular travel destinations and even socio-economic conditions before making the final decision.

Due to the turmoil on the global stage this year, the Pantone team felt more pressure than ever to choose an appropriate color of the year. Take a look at the color they chose, why it’s their top choice, and how you can incorporate it into your blue gemstone jewelry.

Classic Blue | 19-4052

Blue has always been considered timeless, sophisticated, and enduring. Simple, yet exceedingly elegant, this Classic Blue evokes the sky at dusk or the exotic plumage of the blue cockatoo. Pantone chose this color to highlight the desire for stability and dependability as the nation enters a time of turmoil and transition. Blue is a restful color — the color of peace, tranquility, and clarity.

Incorporate it into your blue gemstone jewelry to internalize its strength and resilience.

  1. Blue Sapphire

    Simple Triple Line Open Avaisamya Band with Blue Sapphire in 14k White Gold

    At AZEERA, we’ve always found the variety of deep blue sapphire shades absolutely breathtaking. Whether you choose to incorporate them into a statement cocktail ring or a simple accent cufflink, you can never go wrong with a strong blue gemstone like sapphire. Appropriate for both men’s and women’s jewelry, the mythology behind the blue sapphire represents hope, wisdom, and protection.

    The sapphires we choose to use are known as Kashmir Sapphire or Cornflower Blue Sapphire. They are of the same deep blue hue as the Pantone Classic Blue for 2020 and represent the best class of ethically mined sapphires available to the team at AZEERA.

  2. Tanzanite

    Tanzanite is a blue violet gemstone that is known to be rarer than diamonds. They’re only found in one place on earth — Mount Kilimanjaro. We love tanzanite in jewelry because it’s a trichroic gem, meaning each stone shows three different colors depending on the viewing angle. As you tilt and move your hand, any tanzanite gemstone jewelry will burst with new colors and life.

    Tanzanite is slightly brittle and needs much more care and consideration than other, harder gemstones, but makes a beautiful choice for promise rings or stackable bands.

  3. Swiss Blue Topaz

    Petite Floral Yama Ring with Swiss Blue Topaz in 14k White Gold

    A favorite among many who prefer a more affordable option than diamonds and sapphires, this type of topaz simply radiates the calming blue hue that makes it stand out on every finger. Treated using high energy electrons, the natural yellowish hue of a topaz is transformed into a Pantone-worthy color everyone loves.

    Topaz has long been associated with gods from every culture including the Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks. Incorporate a little godliness into your daily life with a blue topaz gem in your jewelry collection.

Customization at AZEERA

No matter which blue gemstone speaks to you, AZEERA can help you personalize it in any ring or cufflink. Learn more about our options when you start customizing today!

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