Petite Kezasuci Ring Petite Kezasuci Ring

Garnet Fashion Ring in 14k White Gold - Kezasuci Dainty Ring in 14k White Gold

Garnet Fashion Ring in 14k White Gold - Kezasuci Dainty Ring wishlist azeera wishlist azeera

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Natural Gemstone Quality: AAAA (Heirloom)

Center Stone
14k White Gold
14k White Gold
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This 14k White Gold Garnet ring is the perfect addition to you collection of fashion rings. From boardroom to beach bonfire, this transcends the ordinary. This modern ring features 1 round brilliant gem of your choice between a woven split shank design. Gone are the days of chunky statements and over-the-top sparkle. Today, people are gravitating towards the quiet confidence of minimalist jewelry. These pieces complement, rather than compete with, personal style, allowing individuality to shine through.

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Product Specifications:

Item (SKU): AZ1975-GT-WG14K

Model Number: AZ1975

Metal: 14k White Gold

Gemstone Quality: AAAA (Heirloom)

Type: Natural

Stone Size: 3.5 mm

Approximate Total Carat Weight: 0.25 CT

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Natural, AAAA

Center Stone
  • Size of stone 3.5 mm
  • Est. Carat Weight 0.25 CT
  • Color Deep Orange Red
  • Clarity Type II - Very Slightly Included/VSI
  • Cut Precision Cut
  • Quality Natural AAAA
14k White Gold
  • Metal Weight 1.723 gms
14k White Gold

14k White Gold

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Each gemstone used in crafting your ring is a masterpiece of its own, providing radiant color, shine, and clarity. When grading gemstones, each type of gem has its own unique considerations and qualities that determine its grade, from A to AAAAA. At Azeera, our rings are crafted with AAAA quality gemstones.

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Gemstones rated AA typically have medium to light color and shine. They may also have some inclusions in their clarity.



Gemstones rated A are light in color and typically are included. This grade of gemstone is the most common and are widely available.

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Selecting Gems

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Setting & Finishing

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Reviews of this ring


Alicia A.

Bonita Springs, FL

December 3rd , 2023

Nice product, can't go wrong with the pricing.


Delia J.

Knoxville, TN

July 12th , 2023

Recommend to anyone looking for affordable jewelry.


Clyde A.

Birmingham, AL

February 9th , 2022

I had no idea what to get from my girlfriend, but after speaking with customer support, they walked me through finding the perfect gift. Really appreciate the help. Thanks!


Stephanie T.

Cincinnati, OH

February 21st , 2022

I always imagined that colored gems like ruby, sapphire, and peridot would be graded like diamonds with the 4C’s. They can be, but it turns out they are commonly not. I guess it makes sense is diamond is gem with a single set of characteristics while every other gem is vastly different. What’s baffling is how a single grade is used to characterize an entire set of features that isn’t backed up by an institution or lab. I understand the companies can employ gemologists, but every gemologist will use their own standards. I don’t think that seeing the letters AA or AAA is enough for me. Azeera explains in nicely in their About Us section, and at least they are upfront about it. My citrine looks very similar to the image on the site and I’m happy with that. The worst thing a company can do is lie about their products. I appreciate the candor and honesty at Azeera and I hope more companies follow suit.


Janet S.

Philedelphia, PA

March 30th , 2022

I love this ring!!


Jamie N.

Pittsburgh, PA

April 1st , 2022

Excellent ring and fast delivery time. Company said 2 weeks and delivered in a little over 1.


Jesse S.

San Diego, CA

September 10th , 2022

Amazing price for a ruby ring. Was shopping for my girlfirend.


Elsa H.

Toledo, OH

September 28th , 2022

Stylish design with stunning gem!


Tasha M.

St. Louis, MO

November 29th , 2022

The stones are so shiny and sparkly! I love my ring!

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