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From Queen Elizabeth I, to princess Diana, to the new princess Kate Middleton, customized gemstone rings have been a huge part of the royal history. AZEERA believes however that gemstone engagement rings aren’t just for the rich and famous anymore. You deserve the best, and you deserve to have a timeless, natural beauty on your finger. Create your engagement ring!

Kate gesmtone ring
Photo credit: hellomagazine.com

Just because you want an original gemstone engagement ring doesn’t mean you can't get some inspiration for the leading ladies of our past though! The beautiful ring passed down from princess Diana to Princess Kate for example, is a great starting point!

We take that and some of your ideas of what your ideas of what the perfect ring would look like and give you several beautiful options. Here are a few just as an example:

Sapphire ring
- Lets say you want something a little more dainty:
- Maybe something a little more bold:
- Something a little more feminine:
- Or maybe something with just a little more bling:


-Or be a modern princess.


Check out the yellow gold version


But you don’t just have to stick with these designs! As you browse through our selection of gems, settings and materials, you may find that your dream ring actually look nothing like the beautiful ring Princess Diana once sported. Thats the beauty of AZEERA, with our custom designed rings its never too hard to find the ring that represents you the best, because you are the one designing it. In the end, we make sure that you get a custom designed gemstone engagement ring that will last a lifetime, and maybe even the next. Shop AZEERA and find everything you’ve been looking for.

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