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Personalized Gemstone Rings

Whether you’re getting engaged or looking for your next statement ring, you’re probably always searching for something that speaks to your personal sense of style. From the person who is the life of every party to the girl who hangs back to pet the cat, everyone has a unique personality and definitive preferences.

At AZEERA, we love creating personalized gemstone rings and our experts can help you figure out what type of ring best suits your personality. Explore some of our recommendations and create a custom ring on our site today!

1. Colored Stone

You have a talent for reading the room and knowing exactly what to say to make everyone feel at ease. If you’re the person who loves entertaining friends and family, a ring with a colorful stone is the one for you.

Since you want your ring to stand out just as much as you do, you might be drawn to sapphire or topaz center stones with decorative diamond accents along the side of the ring. Whether you prefer your birthstone or your favorite color to be center-stage, you can find tons of options for personalized gemstone rings in our gemstone collection.

2. Pear Shaped Diamond

Pear Shape Halo Leta Amethyst Ring

The pear shaped stone speaks to those with a quiet, modest demeanor. Even though you might be an introvert, you’re still adaptable when it comes to the future and you might be looking for something that showcases your individuality. A gem cut in a pear shape offers you a unique look that’s still mature enough not to overwhelm your own sense of style.

At AZEERA, you can find pear cut stones in solitaire settings, three-stone settings, halo settings, and so much more. Customize your choice with different colored center and accent stones to complete your jewelry personalization.

3. Classic Solitaire

A passionate leader with strong values and talent for organization, this woman is all about the classic solitaire. This single stone ring advertises the classic, timeless woman that you are. It’s also the perfect solution for anyone who wants their ring to match numerous outfits for any occasion.

Solitaire rings don’t have to be a single boring stone on a metal band! There is plenty of opportunity to create personalized gemstone jewelry when you choose different settings and stone colors for accent gems or your favorite hue of gold for the band.

4. Halo Design

Halo Pave Pulla Blue Sapphire Ring
with Blue Sapphire & Diamond in 14k White Gold

Are you an extroverted free spirit? Are you constantly jumping from idea to idea and definitely marching to the beat of your own drum? The halo design is for you! A small circlet of diamonds arranged around the center stone offers a lot of opportunity for customization.

Personalizing your gemstone jewelry means you can customize the shape, color, and size of the centerstone as well as the setting, color, and variety of the accent stones. Finish off with the precious metal of your choice for the band and you have a ring that nobody else has!

5. Tension Ring

A little different from the free spirit, someone who is an introverted artist also has their own unique sensibilities. You might like to experiment and try new things, but without drawing attention to yourself. The perfect ring for you is one in a tension setting where the center stone looks like it’s floating in midair.

We love tension set solitaire stones as well as floral designs embraced by metal arms full of accent stones. Browse our collection of these statement rings to discover the personalized gemstone jewelry that speaks to your inner artist.

Shopping at AZEERA

Simple Floral Pave Bypass Anvaya Ruby Ring

At AZEERA, we make jewelry personalization simple. Once you find a design that you love, you can modify nearly every aspect of the gemstone and metal color to develop something completely unique.

Looking to collaborate with our designers to create a completely new ring? Schedule a consultation with us today to get started.

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