AZEERA Gemstone Engagement Ring - A Different Breed of Gems

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Never before has the word “affordable” come with such depth of quality, such high-class elegance. A shine that could catch any eye and a unique gemstone engagement ring that could catch that one in particular: ornate or subtle, rubies or sapphires, nothing says exquisite allure quite like an customized AZEERA gem.

       AZEERA Rings

Take it from those who know. Educated and containing a passion for jewels that is not just learned, but born, AZEERA was started by two families whose expertise goes back generations. Cultivated in a region where 95% of the jewelry business is privately owned, we didn’t seem to be starting something new, apart from one, very important thing: Mastery over our craft. We are dedicated to perpetual learning in the industry and a thorough understanding of the best way to cut and select each unique gem, to always provide you with the best clarity, cut and color.

Thinking about a gemstone engagement ring? You’ve come to the right place. Choose your metal and your gem and we’ll take care of the rest. Have no idea what you’re getting into? That’s alright, we are not only capable, but excited to share our knowledge so that you have clear options and the tools necessary to choose the best one for her.


Because we cut out the middle man by owning all of our cutting factories, we pass those savings on to you so you get the quality of an ethereal gem at a fraction of the cost of warehouse jewelers.

Contact us with your questions or start your gemstone experience today!

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