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If you are planning to propose this year and are looking for a unique, modern ring for your love, then our Toi et Moi ring may be the perfect pick for you! This two-stone ring design has been around since 1796. However, the style is gaining popularity in the jewelry industry these days. Keep reading to learn more about the ring's history and which styles you can expect to see this year!

Where It Began

In 1796, the confident Napoleon Bonaparte, a soldier in the French army, stepped out and proposed to the affluent Josephine de Beauharnais with the first Toi et Moi ring. She was mesmerized by the beauty of the diamond and sapphire gemstone paired so intricately on the band of gold. Napoleon loved her dearly and displayed it to the world through the ring with two stones that symbolizes two loves coming together as one.

This ring style stayed very similar to the original design through the years. You will find the two diamonds to be the same cut and size. However, celebrities, like Jackie Kennedy and Emily Ratajkowski, emerged with Toi and Moi rings bringing new designs in recent years. Jackie Kennedy redesigned her ring to bring about a unique look, and Emily Ratajkowski's ring yells modern and brilliant! With new designs coming into play, it is no wonder this ring is gaining all the attention. Discover the styles that will look great on your love this year!

Our Favorite Toi et Moi Styles

1. Intertwined Bypass

Nothing says an everlasting love better than two diamonds intertwined together in one ring. Our Petite Bypass Alamba Diamond Ring has an adorning set of diamonds entangled together by the precious metal they sit within. To show your ocean of love in the design, combine aquamarine gemstones with diamonds in this two-stone ring for a softer, more brilliant look.

petite bypass ring

2. Open

The open ring design is a new style that gets lots of raves. With our Petite Open Bezel Tryazra Ring, you can share this unique style with the world. The Toi et Moi ring allows the diamonds to point back to one another with the open gap. Give a striking look to this custom ring by displaying it with peridot and diamond stones.

petite open bezel tryazra band

3. Wrap

Check out our Modern Wrap Bezel Latayate Ring if you want a free spirit look. This trendy ring style shines the beauty of freedom in modern design choices and brings the love of two diamonds together through its winding band. The ring's feature of bezel diamonds makes it a great ring for an on-the-go person who wants more security of the diamond placements.

Bring the free spirit of love and passion together with ruby gemstones in the wrap Toi et Moi ring. It will show traditional colors while sharing the look of passionate, timeless love.

modern wrap bezel latayate band

4. Open with Amethyst

If you are a person who is into astrology, you know that amethyst is known to have love powers. Our Petite Open Bezel Marquise Drsti Ring is the perfect open two-stone ring for you. Amethyst stone coated in silver gold makes this band an ideal design. Top it off with amethyst gemstones and you’ll be set to bring forth the powers of love. The bezel design of the gemstone setting makes it great for all-day and night wear.

petite open bezel marquise band

5. Double Line

Tradition shows that the Toi et Moi ring diamond gems never touched. Our Double Line Anukrta Ring ensures your stones never meet, yet they are set directly across from one another to present a complementary design. This simple band has an excellent appeal to minimalistic wearers and will show your love through its featured diamonds and gems.

This two-stone ring also is an excellent design for keeping the tradition of the original stone colors. Design this ring with sapphire stones to express an endless, never fading style.

simple double line anukrta band

6. Bypass

Sharing the gift of diamonds with your love couldn't be more intriguing than our Bypass Oval Yamaja Ring. This Toi et Moi ring features two larger stones passing one another to fit perfectly side by side. One band connects the two stones to declare a love worth standing for.

You can never go wrong with too many diamonds. Share the love of only diamond stones in a gold setting for this ring. If you want to go a step further, pair it with a diamond gold necklace.

bypass oval yamaja ring

Designing Your Toi et Moi Rings

At AZEERA, we know that you have the vision of the perfect ring. We are here to help you design your custom ring and make that vision come to life. Our easy-to-use website will take you step-by-step in choosing your ring setting, style, cut, stones, and complimentary engraving. If at any time you have questions or need additional assistance, you can live chat with one of our experts or set up an appointment with one of our founders to speak about your ring.

AZEERA's founders make looking for your unique ring a simple task. They are part of three generations of gemologists so that they can bring you the best diamonds and gemstones for your rings. Customer satisfaction is a priority at Azeera, so we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our jewelry pieces. There is also a 30-day return policy and free shipping for all orders.

Don't wait to buy your perfect Toi et Moi engagement ring. Shop our rings today to find the perfect one for your fiancé.

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