Express Your True Feelings With A Custom Gemstone Engagement Ring

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Just like Taylor Swift describes in the lyrics to her song Red, many feelings come with colors attached to them. So why not express those feelings in an engagement ring that really exemplifies all the feelings you have for her. She is sure to love her custom gemstone engagement ring, knowing that you put your heart and soul into it.

So what do our gems represent in terms of love and life:


Stone: Color: Meaning:
Amethyst Violet Noble, mystery, self-esteem, high aspirations, brilliance, increased authority
Diamond White Purity, obedience, peace, health, harmony, confidence
Black Onyx Black Toughness, wealth, persistence, able to face all odds
Blue Topaz
Blue Spirituality, peace of mind, tranquility, safety, security, relieves panic
Citrine Yellow Male strength, health, self-confidence
Green Fertility, life harmony, learning, growth, protection from fears and anxieties, improved health
Red Courage, strength, love, passion, confidence
Pink Tourmaline Pink Gentleness, love, affection, femininity, comfort


So now that you know the meanings, you get to choose the stone that best represents the love you have for your special someone. If you don’t like the meaning, no matter, what ever stone you choose will be perceived just how you want it to be. Who wouldn't fall immediately in love with any of these stones? Especially when it comes as a gift from the heart. Pick out your custom gemstone engagement ring today.

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