Colored Stones: Setting A New Standard Part 1

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Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat (the 4 C’s) have always been the standard in the gem industry. These terms are perfect for describing quality of diamonds thanks to their crystal structure and consistent systematic composition. However, analyzing colored gems gets a little more complicated. For this reason AZEERA and many other gem manufactures use an updated letter based grading for analyzing quality.

The letter based grading system is comprised of grade options (highest to lowest) AAA, AA, A, and C. This judges overall quality of gem color, cut, clarity and carat at a new level. This scale is different from the traditional 4 C scale because it allows for no one set standard of color, cut, clarity or carat. Instead it allows each stone to be analyzed based on the enhancement of their natural qualities, which in many cases are not consistent systematic compositions.

Crafting gems that fit these guidelines is a much more delicate, artful craft than the traditional crafting of diamonds to fit the 4 C standards. For consumers the differences in colored gems can be overwhelming in the best way. When colored gems are cut specifically to how nature designed them they sparkle above the rest. AZEERA believes in crafting only the highest quality stones for your pieces. We take the time to seek out and sculpt the perfect gems for our customers.

Every AZEERA Gemstones earns an AAA grade and over the next 4 parts of this Setting A New Standard series we will describe to you the detail and care we put into each step of the system. Ultimately, achieving the perfect custom gemstone rings.

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