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After reading our previous blogs (Setting a New Standard Part 4) you are probably wondering just what clarity types we offer. As a reminder, the three types of clarity are:

Type I: “Eye-clean” with no visible inclusions can be seen with that unaided eye.

Type II: “Not Eye-clean” with some visible inclusions that can be seen with the unaided eye.

Type III: “Rarely Eye-clean” with inclusions easily seen by the unaided eye.


Like mentioned before, just because there are inclusions doesn’t mean the stone isn’t valuable. With colored gems, inclusions can often increase value due to the individuality and rarity of the stone. The inclusions in Emerald gemstones, for example, are what give the stone the deep, captivating look that draws the eye in and makes the stone so notable. The more inclusions in this case, means the more sought after character in the stone. Citrine on the other hand is considered more valuable when the light is able to reflect through purely. Which means it needs to have no visible inclusions.


So get to know the stone types we offer:


Gemstone (stone Group)

Clarity Type

Aquamarine (Beryl)

Type I

Emerald (Beryl)

Type III

Amethyst (Quartz)

Type I

Citrine (Quartz)

Type I

Garnet (Garnet)

Type II

Peridot (Peridot)

Type II

Pink Tourmaline (Tourmaline)

Type II

Ruby (Corundum)

Type II

Sapphire (Corundum)

Type II

Black Onyx (Chalcedony)

Does not apply

AZEERA only collects gems of the highest quality for our one of a kind gemstone engagement rings. You can be assured that buying any of our colored gemstones means that it has been rigorously crafted to be the most beautiful stone available. No matter the clarity type.

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