Aquamarine Engagement Rings: Companionship at an All New Level

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A wedding ring stands for companionship. It is a gift to another person that ensures you will be there for them the rest of their life, through good times, bad times and the other. Eternal companionship means loving someone unconditionally and sticking by their side no matter the circumstance. What better way to say “I commit myself fully to you, for the rest of your life” than with an engagement ring with a stone that literally stands for companionship.

The gemstone Aquamarine is the perfect addition to any custom designed engagement ring. Aquamarine, like all of the AZEERA gems holds a special spiritual meaning. Thanks to the magnificent blue that the aquamarine stone is comprised of, the stone is believed to symbolizes the spiritual energies of water. These spiritual meanings being: harmony, trust, faithfulness and companionship.

With such strong elements of love being represented in the meaning of the stone itself, how could you not be tempted to create a beautiful custom engagement ring out of it. When you give an aquamarine engagement ring to your significant other you are not just giving them a beautiful, perfectly cut gemstone, individualized ring. You are giving them a daily reminder that you are going to be there, by their side, for the rest of their life. You are promising them that you will forever be their loyal companion.

Don’t let the opportunity to give your loved on the ring of their dreams pass you by. Call and see what we can design for you today.

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