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Winter is a beautiful season filled with family, friends, gifts, reflections on the past year, and hopes for the new year to come. So much of this season centers around loved ones and quality time spent together. Winter is the perfect season to think about proposing to your partner – winter proposals, especially Christmas proposals, are popular for a reason!

Have you decided to get down on one knee? Are you planning the proposal down to the last detail? While you brainstorm and plan, don’t forget one of the most important parts – the engagement ring. There are tons of popular engagement rings to choose from, and deciding on just one might be tough.

The most essential thing to keep in mind is your future fiancée. Taking their preferences and unique personality into account is the best way to select a ring they’ll love. We know it might seem intimidating, but this is one of the best parts of the process of getting engaged! Use this guide to explore the most popular engagement rings and brainstorm ideas that will suit you and your love.

Unique & Colorful Stones

sapphire popular engagement ring

If your partner has a unique personality and stands out from the crowd, why not find a ring that matches the same energy? While diamonds have always been the most utilized stone for engagement rings, unique and colorful stones have been making major headway in the engagement ring business.

We think that beautiful, deep blues and burgundy colors from sapphire rings and rings with garnets perfectly match the commitment you’ll be making to forever love. That’s why we believe an alternative stone makes for a popular engagement ring that will only continue to grow in popularity. Not only that, but a ring with an alternative stone speaks to how special your partner is to you.

Vintage & Timeless Settings

diamond engagement ring

Maybe your future fiancée is an old soul. If that is the case, it’s a good thing that timeless, vintage settings have become fashionable in the jewelry world. We like vintage-inspired rings because they have a certain romanticism to them and will never go out of style. This makes them wonderful for Christmas proposal ideas. Resisting the pull of new and modern trends is difficult, but you can never go wrong with something timeless.

We think gold is a great way to give a nod to vintage rings, while a diamond set with a halo surrounding it is beautifully reminiscent of popular engagement rings from the past.

Multi-Stone Rings

popular multi-stone engagement ring

Multi-stone rings are a fun way to pay homage to the different parts of your love’s personality. We all have layers and different facets to ourselves, but you will see a kaleidoscope of features and traits in your partner that others won’t. With a multi-stone ring, such as with garnets and diamonds, you can include a nod to your partner’s favorite color, their favorite shapes, or their favorite stones. Popular engagement rings should still reflect your individual style, and we think a setting with a few, special stones is the way to do it.

Plus, if your heart is set on a winter proposal, it might be a good Christmas proposal idea to reference the beauty and mood of the season with rich colors and gemstones.

Classic Solitaire

solitaire gold ring

Solitaire rings have been the standard for engagement rings for decades. If your partner is a fan of simple and classic shapes and settings, don’t hesitate to find them a diamond solitaire in gold. Solitaires are some of the most popular engagement rings for a reason, and your partner will love and appreciate a ring setting that puts focus on the beautiful stone you picked out. While we like diamonds for this option, don’t hesitate to find a garnet solitaire or an amethyst solitaire that’s just as classic, with a twist.

Our Vision: Beauty & Balance

At AZEERA, we strive to provide a personal touch in the art of finding beautiful gemstones and creating fine jewelry. We are a client-focused brand and provide many services related to the art of gemstones and precious metals, from offering popular engagement rings to everyday jewelry. Our founders ensure that each gemstone is of the best quality and clarity for your customized jewelry pieces. Learn more about AZEERA and connect with us on social media today.

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