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The rings we create at AZEERA are one-of-a-kind pieces from start to finish. After you place your personalized order, we craft each piece completely from scratch, with your own choice of gemstone, metal color and size. In addition to our already-customized pieces, custom engraved rings provide an added touch of personalization that sets your ring apart for the rest of time. Learn more about our complimentary engraving service and ideas for creating your own special message.

The History of Jewelry Engraving

Engraved rings for women have a long history that dates back to at least the 15th century when posy rings (also spelled poesy, posey, or posie) were in vogue. These popular custom engraved rings were usually made from gold and inscribed with a short quote from a poem, courtship story, or chapbook.

Originally written in Norman French, poesy rings were later inscribed with quotes in French, Latin or English, and given as a gift to one’s lover or as a token of regard. Later inscriptions became more personalized and included the recipient’s name. You may even have an inscribed ring in your family that has been passed down as an heirloom.

Ideas for Custom Engraved Rings

If a personalized inscription is something that appeals to you, consider the following ideas for crafting the perfect message:

Wedding Ring Engraving

His and her wedding rings provide the perfect inspiration for creating a custom inscription. Wedding ring inscriptions typically feature the date of your marriage, along with the name of your spouse-to-be. Alternatively, you could select a short quote from a poem or song that has been central in the course of your relationship.

Engagement Ring Engraving

A custom engraved engagement ring is similar to a custom engraved wedding ring but would typically come with a less formal inscription. Rather than engraving a name or a date, you may consider a short phrase that sums up the excitement of expectation you both share in the promise of a future together.

Rings for Special Occasions

Mother’s Day rings, push rings, graduation rings and birthstone rings also present a wonderful opportunity for a personalized inscription. Here are some engraving ideas for each of these engraved rings for women:

Mother’s Day

“Always in our hearts”

“With love, from your children”

“Our hero”

Push Ring

[Child’s name and date of birth]

“Congratulations, Mama”

“You are amazing”

“She gives life”

Graduation Ring

[Graduee’s name and year of graduation]


“Onward and upward”

“From strength to strength”

“The future awaits”

Birthstone Ring

[Recipient’s name and birth date]

[Phrase relating to the birth stone’s qualities]


Everyday Rings

Custom engraved rings don’t always need to be for a special occasion. If you’re purchasing an everyday ring for yourself or your closest friend, feel free to treat yourself to a message or phrase meaningful to you. When designing your message, think about an inscription that will pass the test of time and help you live each day at your best. Here are some ideas:

  • Made to shine
  • Strong and beautiful
  • Writing my own destiny
  • Never give up
  • Live in the moment
  • Live on purpose
  • Persevere
  • [Favorite quote]
  • [Favorite sacred verse]

If your ring becomes a family heirloom, you’ll be passing down much more than a ring — you’ll be passing down inspiration and your secret to success. As you think of the message for your ring, think of the message you would like your daughter or granddaughter to receive and write the inscription for them as well.

How to Order Custom Engraved Rings at AZEERA

Creating engraved rings for women is easy — and even better — it’s completely free! As you personalize your chosen ring, you’ll be presented with the option to add a free engraved message, along with the font of your choice. If your message is too long to fit in the band, you can shorten it before your order is finalized.

Need more ideas for custom engraved rings or want to check your idea before purchase? Our founders are here and ready to help — send us a live message or email to begin!

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