Best Gifts Under $500 for Men and Women - Jewelry and Accessories They'll Adore

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A well-crafted piece of jewelry is a timeless gift for those who appreciate the finer things in life. When crafted with intention for a special individual, even a simple ring can transcend from an everyday accessory to an heirloom piece that can be passed down over generations.

If you’re searching for gifts under $500 for her or gifts under $500 for him, there’s no shortage of them, which can make finding one that’s high-quality and unique a time-consuming ordeal. Fortunately, we’re here to help speed up your search for the best gifts under $500 with a thoughtfully curated list of 12 rings that you can surprise him or her with.

All of these exquisite rings can be customized with your choice of gemstone and metal and can be engraved with a message or the recipient’s initials if you so desire.

1. Netra Garnet Band 

A simple white gold garnet band

Customize Now $350

This simple yet elegant ring features a modern bypass setting with a marquise-shaped garnet as the highlight. It’s been cast in 14k white gold but you can also choose 18k white gold, 14k and 18k rose gold and yellow gold, platinum, or palladium. The center stone can be replaced with any of the other ten gemstone options. For this gift under $500, we recommend choosing their birthstone while customizing.

2. Adhvan Blue Sapphire Band

A white gold band with a sapphire in concentric circles

Customize Now ($330)

The Adhvan Blue Sapphire Band has a graceful design featuring two concentric circles with the inner circle securely holding onto a dazzling round blue sapphire. It’s a sophisticated ring that is suitable for everyday wear but it can also be paired with other rings for those occasions where they need some extra flair for their attire.

3. Ambudhi Black Onyx Band

A rose gold band with 4 onyx gems

Customize Now ($320)

This Ambudhi Black Onyx Band features a slim band with four brilliant round onyx gemstones set together for a feminine design. This would be one of the most ideal gifts under $500 for her. But if he doesn’t shy away from delicate pieces, there’s nothing stopping this ring from becoming one of the best gifts under $500 for him.

4. Drsti Amethyst Band

A rose gold amethyst band with an open bezel

Customize Now ($380)

The Marquise Drsti Amethyst Band is among the best gifts under $500 thanks to a refreshing open setting that makes it such a joy to look at. It features two marquise-shaped amethysts facing each other, cast in a 14k rose gold setting. You can change the metal and the gems, but we love how the subtle blush of the rose gold complements the purple of the amethyst.

5. Candrodaya Swiss Blue Topaz Ring

A white gold ring with an all-metal crescent moon and 3 swiss blue topaz gems

Customize Now ($380)

A pair of these would make fantastic gifts under $500 for all the star-crossed lovers. The Candrodaya ring features two shanks with an all-metal crescent moon on one shank and a row of three Swiss blue topaz gemstones on a bezel setting on the other shank.

6. Culaka Amethyst Band

A rose gold amethyst band with curved bezel

Customize Now ($390)

With a uniquely modern curved shank embellished with three distinctive round gems in a curved bezel setting, the Culaka is a real stunner. This also comes under excellent engagement gifts under $500 for him and would look magnificent when paired with a slim men’s band made from the same metal.

7. Asya Black Onyx Ring

A rose gold band with 10 onyx gem in a circle

Customize Now ($390)

The Asya ring features a slender shank with small round gems set in a circle and held by a shared prong setting, resembling a delicate flower. For gifts under $500 for her, this bedazzling ring is worth some serious consideration.

8. Samamandala Swiss Blue Topaz Band

A simple white gold band with 6 swiss blue topaz gems

Customize Now ($405)

Searching for simple gifts under $500 that both you and your partner can wear? Pick this Samamandala band that features six evenly placed gems on a slender setting. It’s a modern, understated, and elegantly designed ring that will shine brightly on your finger.

9. Samyojana Black Onyx Ring

A white gold double line ring with 4 onyx

Customize Now ($410)

The Samyojana ring is designed to look like two rings connected by two metal bars with one of them featuring a set of four gems placed in a line. The name “Samyojana” literally means “combination” in Sanskrit. It’s a modern design that would make a perfect gift under $500 for him if he likes to keep things simple. If she prefers the same, then it would be an ideal gift under $500 for her too.

10. Viloma Pink Tourmaline Band

A wrap-style ring with pink tourmaline and diamond on either end

Customize Now ($450)

If you give them this as one of the gifts under $500, we assure you that they will fall head over heels for it. The Viloma band has a very contemporary design with a wrap setting featuring two different gems on either end, one in a bezel setting and another in a three-prong setting. You can choose the same gemstone for both ends or keep it interesting with two different ones.

11. Pista Citrine Ring

A white gold ring with a metal basket design with citrine in center

Customize Now ($495)

This Pista ring is among the best gifts under $500 for her. It features a delicate basket of metal in a flower shape with a lone round gemstone in the middle held by a four-prong setting—an enchanting design.

12. Bhava Citrine Ring

A white gold citrine ring with two interlocked hearts

Customize Now ($515)

Last but not least on our list of gifts under $500 is the Bhava ring—a design that exudes pure romance. It features a pair of interlocking hearts with gems in the center, making it a perfect gift for your partner. Customize it with both of your birthstones to turn it into a special keepsake.

Shop Ethical Gemstone Jewelry

We understand how meaningful gifting a piece of jewelry is for you and your dear ones. No matter which of these gifts under $500 you choose, it will be a token of your love, presented with well wishes and goodwill. That’s why it’s so important to invest in jewelry that’s made with ethically sourced materials to invite only joy into your lives.

At AZEERA, we always use high-quality, conflict-free gemstones and metals to craft our rings, bands, and cufflinks, including the gifts under $500 for her that you’ll choose. Moreover, we donate a portion of each of our purchases to the Jewelers for Children charity.

All of our gifts under $500 and other pieces are handcrafted by skilled jewelers and are backed by a lifetime warranty so you know you’re getting nothing but the finest in terms of craftsmanship and ethically sourced materials. If you’re looking for truly custom jewelry made from scratch, feel free to get in touch with us!

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