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Every woman is different, and AZEERA wants to give you the perfect gemstone engagement ring to match your lady’s dream engagement! So- let’s talk engagement plans and rings:

  • Has she been keeping a Pinterest board just for engagements?
    • You should probably go big. (And check out that board!) She’s going to want something specific, romantic and that really defines her. With this kind of women, the ring better be something special!
  • Has she been pretty quiet about the whole getting engaged idea?
    • She probably wants something classic and simple. You should focus on detail rather than drama. Nothing too flashy but something that sparkles enough for her to feel beautiful.
  • Has she been asking your friends when you are going to pop the question?
    • You should look for something flashy. She obviously wants to be engaged and wants everyone to know it! Look for something with a lot of gems and a lot of sparkle. She is the type of girl who wants people to stop and ask her how she got so lucky.
  • Has she been talking to your parents, or family about possibly getting engaged?
    • She has probably dreamt about getting a family heirloom as an engagement ring. If you can’t give her that, go classic. Look for rings that have an antique flair to them. She will love the sentiment while still getting to show off a new, sparkling ring.

AZEERA is here to make your engagement perfect. Find your unique engagement ring here, and she will be sure to fall in love… again.

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