7 DIY Iconic Gemstone Rings That Go With Anything

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7 DIY Iconic Gemstone Rings That Go With Anything

Tip # 7 - Palladium Is Always A Striking And Affordable Metal

For many women, the engagement ring is the first serious piece of fine jewelry they own. A first purchase of any kind is a difficult task. It becomes even more difficult as we see our clients wanting to DIY the project ad fully customize their future engagement ring. AZEERA has created a site to help out these brides-to-be. You can select all the components of your ring from the gemstones to the metal and design it yourself. 

Your future gemstone engagement is waiting for you! But where do you start? We’ve created a list of 7 iconic styles as inspiration so you can design your own gemstone engagement ring with ease:


Simple Solitaire Sundara Ring

What better place to start that with the simple and elegant solitaire ring? Solitaire designs make excellent gemstone engagement rings with the all the attention centerpiece of your choice. We recommend this style as the easiest to design yourself.

Sundara Ring

The Sundara Ring in Swiss Blue Topaz and White Gold. Customize yours here.


Three Stone Tisrah Ring

If one stone isn’t enough for you, why not add two more? The three stone engagement ring is an iconic design that shows off balance with contrasting color, shapes, or sizes while highlighting the beauty of your center stone. This gemstone engagement ring has a long history in jewelry fashion and will continue to be an icon.

Tisrah Ring

 The Tisrah Ring in Blue Sapphire, Diamonds, and White Gold. Customize yours here.


Art Deco Daiva Ring

Established in the early 1900s, the Art Deco style has withstood the test of time. Basic shapes and simple color palettes go hand in hand with jewelry also us to create timeless gemstone engagement rings. You can design your own gemstone stone ring with ease.

Daiva Ring

The Daiva Ring in Pink Tourmaline, Diamonds, and White Gold. Customize yours here


Art Deco Three Stone Stambha Ring

If you want a little bit of everything from the previous three rings and some more, this design is perfect for you. As mentioned before, Art Deco designs play with shapes to create their iconic look. This DIY design uses the princess cut center stone to create a pronounced visual effect.

Stambha Ring

The Stambha Ring in Citrine, Diamonds, and Whtie Gold. Customize yours here


Cathedral Cushion Hallo Zayya Ring

The halo design combines both form and function to create a versatile that you can design yourself. The halo around the center acts as an accent and also gives your center stone the illusion of being larger than it is. Playing with metal and gemstones for this model is fun and easy.

Zayya Ring

The Zayya Ring in Amethyst, Diamonds, and White Gold. Customize yours here.


Cathedral Pave Java Ring

Classical designs are fun, but how about something a bit more modern? A cathedral setting with center stone in claw prongs and accent stones in a scalloped pave is bold style perfect for a timeless look. Classical elements are enhanced with a modern touch to create a stunning ring that works with any style.

Java Ring

The Java Ring in Aquamarine, Diamonds, and White Gold. Customize yours here


Bypass Pave Grahana Ring

For the bold and adventurous, we recommend a bypass setting. The gentle curves and radial symmetry create a look that is both versatile and eye catching. This is a statement piece speaks for itself and it will standout regardless of what you wear. Trying to design your gemstone bypass ring and see if you can pull it off!

Grahana Ring

The Grahana Ring in Garnet, Diamonds, and White Gold. Customize yours here.


While we have given you only 7 models, we encourage you to explore our entire catalog of designs. The wonderful thing about our rings is that they are designed by you and tell your story. You decide on how to make them match with your style. We help you get there.

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