Which Months Have Multiple Birthstones, And Which One Should I Choose ?

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Everyone loves wearing the gemstone of their birth month due to the unique meaning and historical significance behind each type of stone, but did you know that some months have more than one birthstone? Those lucky enough to be born in June, August, October, November, or December, each get double (sometimes triple) the options of everyone else. Learn more about the months with multiple birthstones and figure out which gemstone is the perfect one for you when you explore what the experts at AZEERA have to say!

  1. June | Pearl & Alexandrite

    pearl ring for june birthstone
    • Pearl

      Pearls are known for their natural beauty and varying hues including white, pink, grey, and black. They’re hugely popular because they come in so many shapes and sizes without being cut or modified in any way. Pearls are also made by a living creature which, for many, gives them an additional significance.

    • Alexandrite

      Alexandrite has its own special connection with colors because it’s a stone that changes its hue based on the type of light it’s viewed under. In natural sunlight, alexandrite varies from a mossy green to a cool blue, but under lamplight, you’ll see a warm raspberry tone.

    • Which Should You Choose?

      If you don’t immediately have a favorite from among this month with multiple birthstones, we can help you decide based on other factors. If you wear jewelry every day, we recommend making alexandrite your birthstone because it’s much harder on the Mohs scale than pearls. While alexandrite ranks at an 8.5 hardness, most pearls only range between 2.5 and 3.5 on the hardness scale. This means they’re much more easily damaged than alexandrite and need specialized TLC after wear.

  2. August | Peridot & Spinel

    Simple Pave Valaya Ring
with Peridot & Diamond in 14k White Gold
    • Peridot

      A unique lime green color, you must have a singular sense of style to pull off this special hue. Believed to pass on power and influence to the wearer, many people love wearing peridot rings because they stand out so much.

    • Spinel

      The complete opposite of peridot, spinel is a bright red stone that is often referred to as the cousin of the ruby. They’re pretty rare, but you can find spinel gemstones in much larger sizes than ruby cuts.

    • What’s Right for You?

      For this month with multiple birthstones, color may sway your decision. Do you like red or green more? Perhaps you're a Christmas enthusiast that loves to wear both! While they’re both pretty hard on the Mohs scale and built for daily wear and tear, peridot is much more affordable and accessible. Most jewelry sites don’t carry spinel because of its cost per carat — which starts at 10 times higher than peridot.

  3. October | Tourmaline & Opal

    Pink Tourmaline Statement Floral Pave Mekhala Ring with Diamond and Blue Sapphire in 14k White
    • Tourmaline

      Tourmaline is available in an array of colors, but the pink variety was chosen for the month of October. You can find pink tourmaline in shades as light as cotton candy or as deep as the janeiro rose. Pink tourmaline can also coincide with green tourmaline in the same stone, so you can buy a piece that has two colors in one.

    • Opal

      The original October gem for a month with multiple birthstones, opal was seen as too feminine and in 1952, the Jewelry Industry Council suggested tourmaline as an alternate stone. Opal is still a very special stone because it encompasses all colors within its sparkling depths. As light reflects off the stone, flashes of blue and green or red and yellow play beneath its surface. You can even find black opal gemstones with unique rainbow shimmers.

    • What’s Your Style?

      It’s always hard to choose when you’re born in a month with multiple birthstones, and October is no different. If color and cut don’t help sway your mind, perhaps the wearability of the stone will. While much harder than pearl or fluorite, opal is still a very delicate stone. In the market for a piece to wear every day? Tourmaline may be the better choice for you. Looking for something that sparkles with a different color at every angle? You’d be better off with an opal showstopper.

  4. November | Yellow Topaz

    Citrine Simple Floral Pave Bypass Anvaya Ring with Diamond in 14k White Gold
    • Yellow Topaz

      Incredibly versatile, topaz is a super hard gemstone that’s available in tons of different colors. While the Jewelry Industry Council didn’t specify which hue was chosen for the month of this month with multiple birthstones, it’s commonly accepted that yellow is the hue for November.

    • Citrine

      Citrine is another special stone in a unique hue. Its bright yellow or orange color brings to mind everything from warm sunlight to juicy citrus. In fact, the name citrine comes from the French word for lemon!

    • Let Your Personality Speak

      If you’ve got a sunny, cheerful personality, citrine is probably the perfect complement to the bright clothes you wear every day. For those who have variable moods and changing desires, topaz is the better choice. You can find it in colors ranging from yellow and pink to blue and green.

  5. December | Zircon, Tanzanite, Turquoise, and Blue Topaz

    Petite Ali Ring
with Aquamarine in 14k White Gold
    • Zircon

      Not to be confused with the man-made cubic zirconia, zircon is most commonly a bright blue stone reminiscent of an azure sky on a clear day. It’s objectively the oldest mineral on the planet, dating back 4.4 billion years! It’s also heavier and denser than most other gemstones, meaning one carat of zircon is usually smaller than one carat of any other stone.

    • Tanzanite

      A stone even more rare than diamonds, tanzanite can only be found within the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. A rich violet blue hue, this gemstone is trichroic and gives off three different colors depending on the viewing angle.

    • Turquoise

      The final stone in this month with multiple birthstones is similar to opal or pearl. It’s a softer stone that is usually smooth instead of faceted. It was especially popular among Egyptians, Tibetans, and Native Americans as a spiritual stone that helps you achieve a higher state of consciousness during meditation.

    • Swiss Blue Topaz

      The gorgeous hue of Swiss Blue Topaz makes it an inevitable favorite for December’s birthstone. This bright blue stone is said to enhance creativity in its wearers, and is apt to draw a lot of attention due to it’s spectacular appearance.

    • Making a Choice

      Babies born in this month of multiple birthstones have three options to choose from, but one of those is extremely hard to find. From the remaining two options, zircon is best for people who like sophisticated sparkling pieces, while turquoise is ideal for those down to earth, bohemian personalities.

Wondering where you can get a customized piece with your birthstone? Reach out to AZEERA today to learn more about your options!

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