What Gemstone Rings are the Celebrities Wearing? Design Your Own!

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Why gemstone rings?

Just the words “gemstone rings” sound elegance and expense. For this reason celebrities tend to swarm to fabulous gemstone rings. But AZEERA believes that you should get to have luxury pieces of jewelry too! With us you are able to design your own gemstone ring, with the same luxurious gems the celebrities are using but for a price you can afford. So where do you start? Let’s get you creative juices flowing and take a look at what rings the celebrities are wearing!

The Celebs and their Gemstone Rings

Heidi Klum, supermodel, host of Project Runway said yes to her (ex) husband when he proposed with a beautifully crafted canary stone ring. With a gold band and a yellow pave set of diamonds, who wouldn’t be jealous… Well, apparently someone was, and stole his eyes away from Heidi because they separated in 2012. We sure hope Heidi kept that gorgeous rock!

Heidi Klum Yellow Diamond Gemstone Ring
Photo credit:Pinterest

Tara Reid, best known for her work in American Pie, wears her birthstone on her hand! This beautiful round 12 carat citrine gemstone ring is set in a diamond set platinum halo is the ultimate birthday gift to yourself. Don’t let Tara have all the fun!


Tara Reid Citrine Gemstone Ring
Photo credit: Pinterest


Elizabeth Hurley, model, known for her role in the Austin Power’s movies, rocks a hefty emerald cut blue sapphire ring thanks to her husband Shane Warren. This ring is HUGE! With two diamonds edging out the beautiful sapphire gem, the ring is almost as beautiful as Liz Hurley herself.

Liz Hurley Sapphire Gemstone Ring
Photo credit: Pinterest


Jessica Simpson, actress and singer, received a beautiful  custom made engagement ring from her hubby. A gorgeous 5 carat ruby ring stone lined with 2 carat pear shaped diamonds, perfectly made for this self-proclaimed princess. Maybe we can get some of her “royalty” to rub off on us with this gem!

Jessica Simpson Ruby Gemstone Ring
Photo credit: Pinterest


Other celebrities wearing gemstone rings include: Kelly Clarkson (Canary Yellow Diamond), Jenna Bush (Sapphire), Carrie Underwood (Canary Yellow Diamond), Nicole Richie (Pink Sapphire), Jennifer Lopez (Pink Sapphire), Heather Mills (Sapphire), and the list goes on!

Where can you get your own gemstone rings?

Don’t miss out of being mistaken for a celebrity. Take your beauty to an all new level, design a gemstone ring with AZEERA.

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