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About Azeera Gems

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    Do you take special requests on color of the gemstones?

    Unfortunately, this is a service we cannot provide at the moment. Please note, the color and quality gems we set into your personally crafted piece, will always be what we believe best compliments the mounting

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    Can I get a certificate for my gemstone?

    Each non-diamond center stone comes with a certificate of quality. All individual diamonds worth $500 or more also come with industry accepted lab certificates.

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    Do you buy gemstones?

    No, we only specialize in cutting gems to our standards.

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    Where do you cut your gemstones?

    We only deal with trusted sources, who are known for ethical sourcing.

    We have a workshop in Jaipur, India.

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    Are your gemstones ethically sourced?

    We only deal with trusted sources, who are known for ethical sourcing.

    Our gems are sourced ethically. We buy all our amethyst, aquamarine, black onyx, citrine, garnet, peridot, pink tourmaline, and swiss blue topaz straight from ethical mining sources all across the world and cut them ourselves.With rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds, we only use trusted and established sources.All of our stone sourcing is done through reputable suppliers, whom we have been working with for generations.

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    Can I buy a gemstone without the mounting?

    Of course, please use our gem-store to purchase your Azeera Gem. Please see our Gemstone.

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    Will you set my gemstones for me?

    Unfortunately, we do not provide this service.

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    Will the color of my gemstone be exactly like what I see?

    Gemstones form in nature. And like all the things in nature, it is almost impossible to find two identical objects.

    In your piece you may see a slight variation in color among your gemstones, but we carefully choose each and every gemstone individually to match with the set.

    We would also like you to note that given the way color is spread across a gem stone, smaller sized gems tend to be slightly lighter in color compared the larger sizes. This is especially true for aquamarine, swiss blue topaz, and peridot.

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    Are your gemstones enhanced?

    The term natural implies that a gem was formed in naturally in earth without any treatments. All our gemstones are products of mother nature and not lab created. Some of these varieties though are always enhanced, such as sapphire, ruby, emerald, amethyst, swisss blue topaz, black onyx, citrine, pink tourmaline.

    Enhancements, or treatments, are done to bring out the stone’s full potential. Gemstones are often found partially developed when they are mined from the earth. We use only industry accepted treatments, such heating and oiling, to compete the natural formation process and bring out nature's true beauty in gemstones. For the case of emeralds, treatments also improve the stability and durability of the gem.

    All our gems are crafted according to the AGTA and GIA accepted list of treatments. We do not carry stones with the treatments such as lead filling, surface diffusion, dyeing, or waxing. We also do not offer lab created synthetics or imitations gems.

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    What is your diamond quality?

    Our diamonds are “bridal quality”. Every diamond we mount into your jewelry is eye clean, with a minimum clarity of SI2, and a minimum color of an H. The majority of our fancy shape diamonds are VS in clarity and H color or better. You will be provided an industry accepted lab certificate for every diamond that weighs over 0.40 carats. Learn more about diamonds.

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    What is the quality of your colored-gemstones?

    Our colored gemstones are “bridal quality”. We do our best to select gemstones that are eye clean and nothing short of AAA in quality. Due to natural formation patterns, rubies and emeralds may have minor eye visible inclusions, but in most other cases, your gems will be eye clean. Learn more about gemstones.

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    How are your gemstones priced?

    We are able to provide you fair prices for quality pieces. There's no middle man in our business model as we source and cut many of the gems ourselves. Because of this, we can offer you amazing and competitive prices.

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    Why your gemstones over others?

    In Sanskrit, Azeera means ‘fire,’ referring to the brilliance you see inside a gem. Each of our gemstones captures this fire through skill and passion of our artisans. Every Azeera gem, small and large, is carefully crafted to maximize color, cut, and clarity and radiate elegance.


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