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Don’t let the phrase “men’s jewelry” surprise you; accessories for men have been around for a very long time. Watches, necklaces, cufflinks, and more all fall into the upscale men’s jewelry category. While we could go into the entire web of men’s accessories, our men’s jewelry guide is focusing on our all-time favorite: men’s rings. They remain extremely popular among men everywhere because of all the sleek, timeless styles you can choose from. It’s an effortless forever trend, and we’re letting you in on our favorites so you know how to spot the top-quality rings for the men in your life. Whether you’re browsing for yourself or seeking the perfect gift for the man in your life, our ultimate men’s jewelry guide will walk you through what to look for when you are browsing for the best rings for men.

First, the Band.

Our first stop in this men’s jewelry guide is finding the right canvas for the best men’s rings. When you’re shopping through men's rings, it’s important to decide on the style of the ring band's metal. Choose a classic solid design or set a trend with more modern metal shades. Below, we put a spotlight on each of the most popular ring band styles for men’s engagement rings and everyday wear selections.

Yellow Gold

Feel like a king in gold with this stunning yellow gold metal. It’s a timeless look that has remained a top seller for decades. Yellow gold is an extremely durable and long-lasting material that is the perfect backdrop to your favorite design. It is one of the best rings for men that is lightweight and cost-effective, which makes it an excellent band choice in our men’s jewelry guide for every price point.

polished zala simple band yellow gold

Simple, symmetrical, and uniquely puzzling look. This sophisticated style makes a subtle statement in its gorgeous shade of gold.

White Gold

How can we dig into our ultimate men’s jewelry guide without shining a light on this gorgeous, streamlined look? The minimalist white gold design of this ring beautifully walks the line of functionality and fabulousness. The shining silver sheen mimics the expensive shimmer of platinum but remains an affordable metal and is one of the best men’s rings. Get endless joy from this polished ageless style.

black onyx gupta band white gold

A knight needs his shining armor! This minimalist masculine ring looks more expensive than it is, thanks to its polished white gold look.


This ultimate luxurious metal makes a ring feel truly regal. You know you have acquired pure, high-quality platinum by feeling its heavy weight. The noticeable difference in weight from other more cost-effective metal options makes it an easy choice for an upgraded men’s look. Its distinguished design makes it a knockout and a top choice in any men’s jewelry guide, including ours.

swiss blue topaz kujji platinum

Let there be light! Capture attention with the beautiful solid style of platinum combined with any of the bright, colorful gems of the Earth.

Rose Gold

Take a page from one of our favorite men’s jewelry trends with this colorful change-up from the norm. A beautifully shaded metal — like this rose gold — sets apart the best rings for men from the ordinary. Don’t let the word “rose” throw you off from taking a chance on a ring for men; the pink/copper hues are subtle, making it a true accessory to a stand-apart look. The style is both beautiful and masculine; the handcrafted quality is well worth the price.

garnet khalita men’s band rose gold

Real men wear pink! This rusty shade of rose gold metal looks wonderful against all skin tones for a universally unique and mesmerizing men’s ring.

Then, the Gemstones.

You’ve found the perfect ring band, now what? It’s time to add a little oomph or a sophisticated stand-out adornment. We made sure to include our favorite tasteful masculine gemstones that shine in our ultimate men’s jewelry guide. Remember these gemstones for an easy, classy look you can transfer onto plenty of other accessories besides rings. Remember the cufflinks idea we mentioned earlier? They make the perfect men’s holiday gift! When you’re shopping for the best rings for men, remember that a gorgeous gem can always make a ring look more expensive. While any gemstone can add value to a ring, we have a few recommendations for the sleekest, masculine energy stones we love.


This blood-red gemstone is the ultimate masculine symbol. Perfect as the center stone or as an accompaniment to another complementary gem, garnet is a vintage lover's dream. Get lost in the dark shimmers of this iconic gemstone for men’s jewelry. It shines beautifully on any band metal you choose.

garnet stone agkita band yellow gold

Why settle for one stone when you can have them all? This stunning style is pure love and its yellow gold band brightens the entire design.

Black Onyx

There is no ultimate men’s jewelry guide without considering black onyx. This extremely popular gemstone in men’s accessories is both fashionable and functional while creating a down-to-earth feel. A safe and sophisticated ring that is also said to host protective and positive energies for the wearer. The deep, endless look of black onyx is hip enough for younger folk, while still evoking elegance for an older crowd. Its timeless design makes it perfect for adding masculine flair to a men’s wedding band.

black onyx tatini band yellow gold

This masculine black onyx ring with geometric features may look sleek and expensive but is actually affordable and durable for a lifetime of wonderful memories.


We can’t skip the glowing peridot. This glimmering, green beauty feels like it came straight out of the Shire and makes for one of the best rings for men. Our favorite way to pair this unique gem is with a white gold or platinum band that really emphasizes the stone’s shimmer. This is a total conversation starter of a gem; it will make whichever style of ring band you choose feel out of a storybook. Mix and match peridot with a number of other colorful gems for a totally special and personalized birthday or anniversary gift.

peridot blue topaz white gold ring

Get lost in the mesmerizing design of this colorful, multi-gem men’s ring that exudes playfulness and excitement. Perfect for any young gentleman in your life!


Add a warm glow to your wardrobe with the sunny hues of a citrine gemstone ring. As we’ve said before in our men’s jewelry guide, the best rings for men add sparkle and shine to their precious metal band. Another complementary gem, citrine makes the perfect addition to a ring that is being presented as a gift on a holiday, anniversary, or just because. Totally transform any band with the shimmer of this yellow-gold gemstone treasure. Its outstanding look is matched only by its affordable price.

citrine amethyst rogini rose gold

Fit for a king, this creative citrine amethyst men’s ring has the sparkle of a rarity and a price fit for every budget.

Browse Only the Best in Men’s Jewelry.

We hope that our men’s jewelry guide has provided clearer guidance on the different bands and stones that make up the best rings for men. Truly, your stone and metal band combination should be entirely up to the person who will be wearing it. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and try something completely new. Men’s rings have been around for centuries, but modern-day trends continue to be discovered. Add color to your wedding band or go for a bold, unpredictable gem that will bring you happiness for years to come.

Check out all the gorgeous handcrafted gemstone rings available on AZEERA. Choose from stone, metal, or cut to customize the best men’s ring for you. Don’t be afraid to reach out! Our team of jewelry experts is always ready to chat and make sure your shopping experience is absolutely dazzling.

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