Should I Pick Out My Engagement Ring?

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Engagement rings are a big deal. If the stars align perfectly, your ring is a symbol of an eternity that you are going to spend with your partner. Your unique engagement ring is ideally going to sit on your finger the rest of your life, so you want it to be perfect. Sending your future hubby off to make the decision by himself is traditional… but is it worth it?

Pick engagement ring

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of picking your engagement ring out together:


Pros Cons
· You get exactly the ring you want
· You put less stress on your partner
· You are making a big decision together (the first of many)
· You get the perfect fit the first time
· It’s not “classically romantic”
· It’s not a surprise
· Budgets tend to be higher
· You show distrust to your partner and his taste


When it comes down to it, AZEERA believes you should be a part of picking out your ring. However, we have found the perfect blend of working together and the element of surprise. With AZEERA, you can “shop” on Pinterest or Instagram  for ideas and styles you like, send them to your future fiancé, and he can take over from there. He can design your engagement ring online, utilizing out easy structure, pulling in elements of the ring references you sent him, and create your perfect ring. This way, you are still surprised when he pops the question with a ring you’ve never seen before.

Engagement ring on hand


AZEERA makes sure that every surprise he gives you, is one you’ll love. Start shopping for your dream engagement ring today!

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