Rings Through the Ages: Our Favorite Art Deco Style Rings

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We are going back in time to the 1920s and ‘30s to analyze our favorite art deco ring features. With so many new and exciting engagement ring designs that pop up each year, it’s important to return to the root inspiration for many of these trends. When it comes to vintage-inspired rings, there is no better place to start than the fundamentals of art deco style rings.

What Does Art Deco Mean?

During post-war time feminism when women were staking their claim in the workplace, there was a new era of jewelry design being coined “art deco.” Innovative types of art deco style rings introduced bold geometric designs that added more dazzle and gave women a way to express their femininity through jewelry. There was more middle-ground for working women who still wanted to appreciate finery; all of which led to a fresh new style of historical engagement rings.

Key Features of Art Deco Style Rings.

What makes art deco style rings so iconic as engagement rings? There are a few attributes to keep an eye out for when shopping for this style specifically.

1. Geometric Design - It is very common to come across art deco rings that are embellished by strong geometric designs. When light hits these decorative rings, they shimmer with a one-of-a-kind iridescent beauty. These historical engagement rings are all glitz and glamor with all the exciting, pointed designs you can choose from.

A black onyx yellow gold engagement ring in an art deco style with a Swiss blue topaz octagon halo

Get lost in the unique octagon shape of this geometric beauty. Like something from a Gatsby party, this well-balanced ring is a great contemporary take on the art deco style. It’s a great option for a minimalist bride who desires a simply stunning engagement ring.

2. White Gold Band - The typically platinum or white gold bands that complement art deco style rings are the perfect backdrops for stunning gemstones. In addition to the band, having a layer of white diamonds to accentuate your center stone is an excellent way to show it off in a sophisticated way.

Black onyx white gold engagement ring in an art deco style with a halo of amethysts

Admire the full depth of your engagement ring with a gorgeous white gold backdrop. The combination of a unique onyx center stone and complimentary purple amethysts make this show-stopping eternity ring a total conversation starter. The round stones are exceptional in this art deco piece.

3. Bright Gems - If you’re seeking inspiration from historical engagement rings, make sure to choose the perfect stone for your special person. Typical art deco style rings have an air of opulence to them. Dazzling colors are a great way to satisfy your vintage-inspired dreams. Something vibrant, personal, and right out of the roaring ‘20s that can be admired every day.

Peridot yellow gold engagement ring in an art deco style with Swiss blue topaz accents

This sweet marquise ring is a unique peridot shade of yellow, which makes it a special treasure for your unique and bright person. The Swiss blue topaz band is a brilliant way to emphasize the color and design of this gorgeous ring.

4. Unique Details - When it comes to art deco style rings, individuality is everything. Feel inspired by especially innovative designs that feel like a breath of fresh air. Consider historical engagement rings fit for a modern-day bride. There are so many special symmetrical and asymmetrical designs ready to take your breath away.

A Swiss blue topaz rose gold engagement ring in an art deco style with a black onyx halo.

Take inspiration from the allure of the art deco era with some vintage flair. The combination of a round Swiss blue center stone and a halo of black onyx balances each other to create mesmerizing, symmetrical art deco style rings. The bold hues of this ring make it an exceptionally unique engagement ring for the modern-day couple.

5. Classic Stone Cut - While any gemstone will dazzle in gorgeous art deco style rings, there are some specific stone cuts that are inspired by the Prohibition era. Classic gemstone shapes include emerald, marquise, and shimmering petite rounded cut. Any one of these creates a perfect silhouette for your dream engagement ring. Become inspired by the classic designs that embody historical engagement rings.

A black onyx rose gold engagement ring in an art deco styling with Swiss blue topaz and citrine band.

This ring is the embodiment of the art deco style. Its combination of round brilliant and marquise-cut gems balances it out between vintage and a more contemporary look. Enjoy historical engagement rings that look like they were pulled straight out of an old magazine. This sophisticated style is totally art deco chic.

Shop the Engagement Ring of Your Dreams – It’s Only a Click Away.

Have you set your sights on a vintage art deco-inspired engagement ring? AZEERA is always expanding our offerings on historical engagement rings. From classically bright gemstones to modern asymmetrical options, there is an art deco ring for every type of bride. Create the engagement ring of your dreams with high-quality, conflict-free gemstones and diamonds that are totally customizable.

While the 1920s and ‘30s era of art deco may have passed, the style lives on. Gravitate to the style that speaks to you most and the aesthetic you’re trying to emulate for this lifetime commitment ring. So many bright, shimmering options await you.

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