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If you are on the hunt for a big and bold engagement ring, you are in luck this year! 2022 is trending quickly on wide-band fashion engagement rings. With so many styles to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect gift for your fiancé-to-be that will make a statement of your future life together.

Why Go Wide?

Chunky engagement rings are on the rise in fashion due to having a design that can hold up in casual daily use. Since the band is so broad, you will often see the diamonds in a bezel setting vs. the traditional prong setting. The bezel style allows for more common day wear because the metal acts as a barrier for the diamond. The diamond is less likely to get chipped, scratched, or fall out.

As you begin your search for a wide-band engagement ring, check out our top styles to help you decide which look you want. Using our seven chunky ring tips and ideas, you can customize your engagement ring with Azeera.

7 Ideas to Create a Wide-Band Ring She'll Love

1. Gemstones

Chunky fashion engagement rings are a great way to display the colors that represent your love and relationship together. Gemstones are a growing trend in rings. Gemstones bring accent details to a ring and accentuate the beauty of the diamonds and metal of the ring.

Our Kataka diamond ring and Tara diamond ring are excellent examples of how a gemstone can bring home the look of a wide-band engagement ring. Choose from any of our gems to give a look that fits best with your fiancé-to-be and her favorite colors.

Bride and groom holding hands displaying diamond engagement ring with chunky gold band

2. Up to Three Diamonds

Chunky engagement bezel rings often come with one to three diamonds. Using this method, you can create your diamonds in any shape and weight as you have more room for design. It is a simple yet intricate design that is sure to bring delight to your loved one's eyes.

Our Purna ring is a broader band with one stone in the middle. The band has an artistic design to bring the whole ring together for a beautiful statement. Since your diamond is in a bezel setting, it can withstand any day's work and events.

3. Large Band

The wide-band engagement ring typically focuses on the size of the band. The wider the band, the more you can fit on it. It also becomes a weighty band as you pack it full of beautiful gemstones and diamonds.

You can go with a large band covered in unique stones like our Utsa Diamond ring. If you prefer fewer stones, you can go with a more decorative metal band like our Pravaha ring. This band may decrease the weight, but it keeps the band's sophisticated look.

4. Stack Rings

Chunky fashion rings can come as individual rings stacked together on one finger or as one ring with various bands already connected. Stacked rings give the look of a wide-band engagement ring while providing a unique and modern design. As you stack your engagement ring, you can choose various designs that speak to a part of your love and life together, like heart or star settings on the individual bands.

Our Triple Line Pavé Zambari diamond band has three different bands connected into one ring. Each band has a design that contributes to the fancy design of the other bands. The center band allows you to choose two different colors for your stones.

5. Add Some Geometry

Wide-band engagement rings can be fun to design because of the additional space you have to play with on and around the ring and stone. Add some fun geometric shapes to spruce up the look of your ring.

Our Art Deco Malita diamond ring brings together the excitement of fine art design and the brilliance of the stones it holds. Pair your colors in this amazing ring as a display of art for everyone to see and admire.

In addition to geometry designs, a newer trend is the bubble ring. These chunky engagement rings have more of a bubbly look due to the circular designs on the band. To get into this modern trend, check out our Vana diamond ring.

6. High and Wide

Chunky fashion rings do not have to stop at the width. Go high for those rings that you want to make pop even more. Wide-band halo engagement rings are great for this type of look and design. Bring in multiple layers of diamonds on top of one another ending with the center stone as the highest of them all with our Badiza ring.

Wide band engagement ring with gold band and sapphire and diamond accents with a ruby center stone

7. Pavé Rows

If you want more than a metal band or don't want much metal to show, pavé rows on wide-band engagement rings can look quite elegant. Add as many rows as you would like to the band. Keep the rows all one color or change them up to add some extra detail to the style of your ring.

Our Bahala ring brings together a beautiful center stone with three rows of pavé stones down each side. Adorn the ring in your favorite stones and colors for a show with this luxury chunky engagement ring.

Stand Out with Your Azeera Engagement Ring

Azeera is here to help you make your most important ring decision ever! Make a statement with your custom made wide-band engagement ring from Azeera. We offer complimentary engraving to your ring for a little extra touch of love. Shop our engagement rings for your fiancé-to-be!

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