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We all know that the best way to get the unique gemstone engagement ring you want is to talk to your man, and go shopping together. But, since so many of us still love the element of surprise, AZEERA has come up with a list of ways for you to get the ring you want, without asking for it!

  • HINTS! –Whether it is leaving ring searches up on you laptop browser, buying only one metal type of jewelry, leaving your rings out for potential sizing, using his phone to pull up and search for engagement rings or “accidently” leaving a picture on the printer… hints can be a perfect way to get the style of ring you want across.
  • Family! –There is no better way to get what you want without directly telling him than by telling a family member what you want. Whether it’s your sister or mom or his brother or his mom, no family member can keep a secret when it comes to helping a man propose to his future! Anyone you tell is bound to connect up with him, to help make sure you get the perfect engagement ring.
  • ‘What if’ shopping! –This option is a little more direct, because you have to suggest going into the store, but if you are in a mall, it is easy enough to be walking past a jewelry store and suggest that you go in and ‘window shop for our future.’ You may not find a ring you can agree on, or one that really stands out there, but you will at least get to discuss the possibilities of the ring style you want.

With all that information, and maybe a few hints to come to us, we can help your husband to create the perfect gemstone engagement ring for you. He may not know how to interpret the signs, and hints you leave, but we do! We’ve got years of experience crafting the perfect engagement rings for women just like you. First step- leave this page, and your laptop open where he will find it… Good Luck!

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