6 Alternative Engagement Rings To Die For

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Gone are the days where your wedding has to follow a specific tradition. Today, couples go above and beyond to make their special day, and everything leading up to it, completely unique. As you consider the engagement ring you want to buy, start thinking outside the box to ensure you’re choosing a piece you truly love instead of one that fulfills conventional requirements.

Looking for some options to get you started on the path to find the right alternative engagement ring for you? Explore six favorite unique, non-traditional engagement rings from AZEERA. Even if they seem like a classic choice at first, each of these pieces offers a surprising twist on the norm.

1. Meaningful Three-Stone

Three Stone Pear Shape Baspa Ruby Ring

Three-stone settings have long been a popular choice for engagement rings. So many people love that each stone represents a different time in their love life. What makes this alternative engagement ring stand out is the pear shaped stone in the middle that’s accented by small round Brilliant cut stones. Another feature that ensures the quirkiness of this design is your ability to customize the type of gemstones, gemstone shape, and metal color of the ring.

We love a gorgeous pear shaped ruby in the center with diamond accent stones, but you can choose to swap it out for any other gem — from sapphire or onyx to garnet or peridot. You might want to make this engagement ring even more unique and non-traditional when you make the center stone a heart shape or emerald cut.

2. Dainty Cluster

Pave Razi Aquamarine Ring

The cluster ring is one of the most original alternative engagement ring options we have available. It doesn’t hold to any of the conventional designs for an engagement ring. There is no main center stone and no symmetrical design at all. While some people think that a cluster ring is more appropriate for everyday wear, we know that many would prefer this delicate balance of stones for their engagement ring specifically because it doesn’t overpower their hand or any other jewelry pieces.

You can complement this type of engagement ring with a jeweled eternity band to add a little more sparkle or a completely bare gold wedding band to balance whichever gemstones you choose for this piece.

3. Avant-Garde & Modern

Modern Oval Pave Tara Pink Tourmaline Ring

Coming at you from left field, this ring is one of the most unique, non-traditional engagement rings in our collection! With a gorgeous pink tourmaline center stone and rose gold metal, the x-shaped eternity band stands out among even the most alternative engagement rings you’ve ever seen. This ring is playful, modern, fun, and completely avant-garde.

If you think it’s not quite what you’re looking for, you can completely customize it with your choice of center and accent stones as well as the gold metal of your dreams. You can even request a quote for a differently cut centerstone. Dreaming of a heart shaped solitaire or marquis cut gem? We can make it happen!

4. Unique Antique-Inspired

Art Deco Zitaka Citrine Ring

Inspired by the Art Deco era, this alternative engagement ring stands out due to its opulent geometric design and bright orangy-yellow Brilliant cut citrine center stone. To make this piece stand out even more, we’ve added pave set diamonds in the clover shaped halo as well as along the split shank. A milgrain design frames the setting to enhance the sparkle and shine of the stones within.

Art Deco rings showcase the grandeur and luxury inherent in all elements of 1920s design. These rings symbolize a lifestyle of excess, affluence, and unmatched magnificence. Many of them also include unusual geometric designs full of hard lines and dramatic shapes that don’t generally grace other engagement ring styles.

5. Angelic Halo

Halo Pave Oval Parampara Aquamarine Ring

While halo rings are a little more popular than some of the other options on this alternative engagement ring list, AZEERA experts decided to include this one because the light blue aquamarine and rosy pink gold play off of each other in a truly special way.

Many people forget that the gold color they choose makes a huge impact on the way a ring looks. Because most brides want the stones to stand out the most, they choose white gold that often fades into the background in favor of letting the gemstones shine. In this ring, we feel that the metal and gemstones are equally balanced and both make a big splash.

6. Minimalist Magic

Petite Modern Bezel Dvidala Diamond Ring

Not everyone wants a huge gemstone that draws attention to their engagement ring at all times. For those who want something a little more subtle, AZEERA suggests a petit alternative engagement ring with a diamond that’s pave set in platinum. The minimalist design is just a token of your engagement and is ideal for people with small, thin fingers that can’t handle larger stones with tons of accent gems.

AZEERA & Alternative Engagement Rings

At AZEERA, we have a massive selection of traditional and non-traditional rings to suit the style and preference of every bride. Learn more about all your customization and personalization options when you shop our entire collection today!

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