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The Upcoming Trends of Gemstone Rings for 2016


The glimmer and shimmer of custom gemstone rings has won the hearts of many ladies around the world, and it seems that these are the rings that are going to reign over 2016. For a long time, diamond had been the uncontested ruler of the ring empire, but now this traditional gemstone is in for tough competition staged by the rest of the precious stones in its family.

If you ask ladies why they love getting custom gemstone rings and jewelry, you will come across a good breadth of reasons. Some like it for the nostalgic value they hold, some are bewitched by the enthralling colors, some believe in their healing properties, while others feel that these stones give them confidence, and add magnificence to their personality.

Demand for Gemstone Engagement Rings

The demand for gemstone engagement rings is set to go even higher this year, as more ladies are welcoming the option of wearing a colored gemstone ring on their engagements, rather than the typical diamond ring. Even famous celebrities are loving the idea of a gemstone engagement ring. Jessica Simpson, an American singer, just loved the regal ruby ring that her fiancé gave to her.

The Rough is Going to Rise

Yes, girls are willing to go rough with gemstone rings as well! They are willing to go against the norm, and experiment with gemstones in their natural raw form. You might have already seen some people wearing roughly cut, brightly radiant gemstone jewelry last year, right? Well, you are going to see more of it, this year, as girls opt for edgy gemstones that are not exactly perfect, but reflect the raw beauty within.

Diamond Halos

While gemstones are just so pretty, ladies are finding diamond haloed gemstone rings to be prettier, and hence are visiting jewelry stores, to craft their own unique gemstone rings. That’s why the jewelry empire is buzzing with an outpour of gemstone ring designs mixed and matched with diamonds, to cater to the fancy whims of the ring lovers.

Design Your Own Gemstone Rings

Gone are the days when ladies would visit shop after shop, looking at the different magnificent ring designs in jewelry stores before finalizing the gemstone ring that best appealed to them. Today, ladies want to design their own custom gemstone rings, and they even do good research on the design and shape when they set out to design them. The coming months will see a greater number of women designing their own unique custom gemstone rings. That’s not it, it is now possible to design your own engagement gemstone ring online too, and this is one of the best things for girls these days.

The Cuts

While gemstone rings are booming in popularity, they are witnessing innovation too with different cuts and shapes. The concave cut gemstone rigs are immensely rising in demand, while the tradition cushion cut and emerald cut gemstones remain very much in fashion too.

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