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How is AZEERA different from other retailers?

Our pieces are more than a collection minerals and metals molded together. Each gem, individually cut, carries the skill of knowledge of the craftsmen perfected over decades. Each design, meticulously planned... (More)

How are Azeera's gemstones different from other retailers?

At Azeera, our gemstones are a point of pride for us. In Sanskrit, Azeera means ‘fire,’ referring the brilliance you see inside a gem. Every gemstone, from the largest carat that can weigh down a finger to those seen best with a microscope, must meet... (More)

How long have you been in the jewelry business?

Azeera was founded in 2014. While the company can be considered a “start-up,” the Azeera founders are of product of two well-established family businesses with over 50 years of .... (More)

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