Who we are:

Our pieces are more than a collection minerals and metals molded together. Each gem, individually cut, carries the skill of knowledge of the craftsmen perfected over decades. Each design, meticulously planned, is inspired by the opinions of other consumers, just like you.

Azeera gems are ethically sourced with confidence. We buy rough gemstones directly from trusted sources and craft each piece of jewelry ourselves. With fewer hands exchanging gems, we save on costs, and in turn are able to provide you more value for the same price.

Every design comes in range of metals and stones giving you endless possibilities. Not only can you create a piece exactly to your liking and in your budget, but it will also be one of a kind. All our models are created upon your order and only for you.

We understand and respect that diamonds dominate the jewelry industry. And we also cannot imagine a world without diamonds. But we live for colored stones and we live to share colored stones with the world.


-Earn 2%-4% commission on your sales monthly. -Direct Bank Deposits monthly, or bi-weekly upon request.

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