Simple Floral Pave Kalikda Peridot Ring with Garnet and Swiss Blue Topaz in Palladium
Simple Floral Pave Kalikda Peridot Ring with Garnet and Swiss Blue Topaz in Palladium

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Simple Floral Pave Kalikda Ring

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Simple Floral Pave Kalikda Peridot Ring

with Garnet & Swiss Blue Topaz in Palladium

MODEL : AZ1601
Total Carat Weight : 1.052 CT
Band Width : 2.12 mm

This nature inspired ring features 7 round brilliant gems of your choice in a cluster setting shaped like a flower. Slender metal bands and curved arms of the split shank setting that are accented with smaller round brilliant gems in shared prong setting secure the center of the piece. This Peridot ring is casted in Palladium, set with Natural Peridot, Garnet and Swiss Blue Topaz. Your Simple gemstone ring also comes with Free Shipping, Free Returns, and a Lifetime Warranty.

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Also Available in

Simple Floral Pave Kalikda Peridot Ring with Garnet and Swiss Blue Topaz in Palladium

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Peridot stands out in the gem world as it unique green color cannot be found anywhere else. The light yellowish green hues compliment all our other Azeera gems and are excellent in mixed stone settings.

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Center Stone
Accent Stone 1
Accent Stone 2
Swiss Blue Topaz


A Platinum alternative, Palladium possess all the qualities found in its metal counterpart at half the price. Learn about precious metal at the Azeera blog.

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What happens when you hit purchase

The true beauty of a unique gemstone ring shines brightest when every person involved in its sourcing and manufacture labors out of love and passion—and not out of coercion or force. Sourcing gemstones that are conflict-free from beginning to end is a cornerstone of everything we do here at AZEERA. Learn more about how AZEERA rings are made.

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The caster receives a request to produce your ring in the selected metal and size.

Selecting Gems
Selecting Gems

We hand select your stones and match them according to the layout of the design.

Setting & Finishing
Setting & Finishing

The bench jeweler sets the stones, removes any excess metal, and polish the ring.

Inspection & Examination

We examine the completed ring to ensure it is nothing short of excellence.


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Reviews of this ring


Sal S.

Grand Junction, CO

June 10th , 2019

The design of the Kalikda Ring is so simple and so versatile, it makes the perfect gift for anyone. It has a little bit to please anyone. I got it for my daughter's birthday and she loves wearing it everyday.


Terrie T.

San Francisco, CA

June 8th , 2019

The Simply Floral Pave Kalikda Ring is a solid piece of jewelry. Every stone is placed well


Pauletta L.

Charlotte, NC

May 8th , 2019

The pink tourmaline on my Kalikda Ring are so pretty. They look like pink diamonds. There is so much color and life to them, I love them!


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