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Design Dazzling Custom Gemstone Rings at the Click of a Button

If you’ve ever dreamed of designing your own jewelry, AZEERA gives you the opportunity to do just that. With the finest gems and highest quality precious metals, our custom gemstone rings display vibrant colors and a brilliant radiance that will continue to shine for years.

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What Are Natural Gemstones?

A natural gemstone/gem is a cut, polished, or carved mineral used in jewelry or any other kind of decoration. A mineral is a natural compound with a distinct chemical composition. Minerals usually form in crystals by geological processes. Jewelers set natural gemstones in rings made of a precious metal. Examples of gems include ruby, sapphire, emerald, and diamond. Examples of precious metals include gold, silver, and platinum.

The Design Process

We want to make designing custom gemstone rings as easy and accessible as possible, so we’ve already done the hard work of sourcing, cutting, and polishing the world’s top natural gemstones and providing ready-made design ideas on our website. Your job is to select the stone, metal, shape, and style that appeal to your personal taste and fit within your budget.

Begin with a Figure in Mind

We recommend that you begin with your budget for your custom piece so that you will have realistic expectations about the kind of gemstones and metals that you will be able to select. Rare gemstones like rubies tend to be on the more expensive side, while garnet, citrine, and peridot offer more economical alternatives.

Choose a Precious Metal to Match Your Stone

Once you have decided on the stones for your custom gemstone ring, it’s time to select precious metals to match. The choice of metal will largely be influenced by the kind of gemstone you choose. More expensive stones are best paired with stronger metals like platinum to make sure that the stone doesn’t become loose and fall out.

Talk to the Jewelry Experts

As you go about designing your very own custom gemstone rings, feel free to reach out to us for tips and advice. With over three generations in the jewelry business, we know what works and are happy to guide you! Book a call with our founders and create stunning jewelry today.

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Quality Gems

Each gem is inspected at least 7 times during the cutting process.

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We use only the world's highest quality materials to create your gems.

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Durable Heirloom Quality

Every ring is made with precision and care to ensure it lasts generations.

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Uniformly Matched Gems

Each gem is hand-selected to create a set with matching colors and cuts.

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Conflict Free

We only source conflict-free materials to create our gems.

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Streamlined Sourcing

Many gems are cut in our family workshop leaving out middlemen of the industry.

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We donate a portion of each purchase to Jewelers for Children.

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We are proud of the quality of our products and are confident that you will be too.


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