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Design a Dazzling Everyday Ring You Will Truly Love

There’s something about an everyday gemstone ring that adds beauty even to the simplest of outfits and makes you feel like a million dollars. Whether worn at home, in the office, or for a girls’ night out, a gem ring speaks of elegance and a refined taste in fashion that can be as bold or as subtle as you choose.

1. Choose a setting.
2. Mix & match gemstones.
3. Complete your ring.

Aquamarine / 14k White Gold

Eternity Pave Nityata Aquamarine Band in 14k White Gold

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Blue Sapphire / 14k White Gold

Eternity Milgrain Pave Gutika Blue Sapphire Band with Diamond in 14k White Gold

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Swiss Blue Topaz / 14k White Gold

Eternity Channel Set Droni Swiss Blue Topaz Band with Diamond in 14k White Gold

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Citrine / 14K Rose Gold

Eternity Pave Anantata Citrine Band with Pink Tourmaline in 14K Rose Gold

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Wondering where to start?

Our fine jewelry and gemstone experts are passionate and skilled. Contact us today for a free consultation, and we will get you started on creating and customizing the ring of your dreams.


Marvel at the Intricate Designs of our Petite Rings

Small gems are the crowning jewels of our intricately-shaped petite rings. Featuring luxurious curved metal surrounded by a gem cluster, these designs are perfect for an everyday ring that you can wear at home and on the job.

Enjoy Understated Elegance with a Simple Ring

The attractiveness of a ring is often found in its simplicity. Ideal for anyone who loves simple, understated jewelry, our Simple everyday ring designs feature subtle lines and exquisite, tiny gems.

Extravagant Statement Rings for the Modern Woman

Turn heads everywhere you go with a handcrafted statement gem ring. These unapologetic rings stand out for their beauty and intricate designs. Featuring clusters of eye-catching gems, these bold pieces make ideal gifts for modern fashionistas.
To learn more about our premier jewelry-making business and talk with our founders, please contact us online or by phone. We can’t wait to help you build a fabulous everyday ring to wear and love all day long. Shop now!


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