Simple Rings

1. Choose a setting.
2. Mix & match gemstones.
3. Complete your ring.
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Simple Promise Rings in Everyday Styles

Sometimes, the beauty of a ring lies in its simplicity. Free from distractions and over-the-top detailing, a simple gemstone ring puts the quality and cut of the gemstone in center stage and highlights the tasteful and minimalistic lines of the metalwork for a gently stunning result.

Cutting-Edge Design Meets Traditional Jewelry-Making

Inspired by breakthroughs in ring-casting technology as well as the wisdom of three generations in the trade, our collection of simple promise rings features the best of classic craftsmanship and modern innovation.

Ranging from minimalist gemstone-studded eternity bands to intricate bypass floral settings and pavé braids, our simple everyday rings are stylish, tasteful, and include designs to suit every jewelry aesthetic.

Discover the Beauty and Allure of an AZEERA Ring

Whether designing a promise ring for someone special or purchasing handcrafted fine jewelry for yourself, AZEERA simple promise rings carry the special glow of having been made by hand with love via a chain of skilled artisans who are treated fairly and remunerated well for their work.

In our American-made rings and cufflinks, we only use gemstones that have been cut and graded in our own facility and select only the top 1% of gemstones to create your one-of-a-kind custom ring.

You can learn more about our heritage by reading our story here and schedule a call with our founders for step-by-step guidance in creating the most fabulous simple promise rings. Browse our original designs to begin your masterpiece today!