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A Guide to Gemstone Cufflinks

No accessory for your suit or formal wear is more unique than gemstone cufflinks. Typically men’s cufflinks of any variety are used as minor accents to your outfit, but our AZEERA natural stone cufflinks steal the show. They come in a range of styles from minimalist to bold with something for everyone. The patterns include geometric, thematic, modern, simple, and statement and come in various levels of luxury. Our cufflinks come in the versatile white gold with the option to select the gemstones from 11 different options:

Amethyst, Aquamarine, Black Onyx, Blue Sapphire, Citrine, Diamond, Garnet, Peridot, Pink Tourmaline, Ruby, and Swiss Blue Topaz.

Selecting the Color of your Natural Stone Cufflinks

We only use natural gems mined from the earth, so you can be sure that you are getting real sapphire cufflinks or real ruby cufflinks. We believe that everyone can wear every color, even if it might not to be your liking initially. You can make it work! If you need help, our designers are here for you. They have given their choices for a suit and shirt combinations to each gemstone type:

Distinguished Purple Amethyst Cufflinks

Amethyst Cufflinks – This regal purple gem stands out on lighter color suits such as light gray, tan, and pastel. To make the color pop, you can also wear white or light soft colors such as blue, purple, and pink. Amethyst can also compliment bold color shirts of the same saturation levels.

Gentle Light Blue Aquamarine Cufflinks

Aquamarine Cufflinks – Like the calm blue waters, aquamarine invokes feelings of tranquility. Avoid bold colors with this gem, but feel free to sport any light color shirt with light colored suits. The soft blue cufflinks pair well with almost any of those combinations.

Sophisticated Black Onyx Cufflinks

Black Onyx Cufflinks – Black onyx cufflinks are an iconic piece of jewelry that deserves to be in everyone’s collection. The opaque jet-black gem is as distinguished as the black tie. When wearing 14k gold black onyx cufflinks, it is not necessary that wear a black suit or black tie. In fact, you can wear any other combination of colors with your gold onyx cufflinks as long as you have one or two more black colored accessories such as a wristwatch, belt, shoes, or glasses. Black onyx gold cufflinks are the easiest color to pair and we recommend them to everyone.

Inspiring Deep Blue Sapphire Cufflinks

Blue Sapphire Cufflinks – Deep blue sapphire cufflinks are another prominent set in the jewelry world. They are perfect with dark color suits and bold colored shirts and ties. Men’s sapphire cufflinks exude power and authority with just a deep blue masculine tone. For a look that especially stands out, try the combination of sapphire and diamond cufflinks. Finding the best blue sapphire cufflinks for sale has never been easier at AZEERA.

Vivid Yellow Orange Citrine Cufflinks

Citrine Cufflinks – Probably the most difficult of the gems to pair, citrine is still one of our favorites because it works so well for summer suits and we love summer! This tangy yellow orange gem brightens light suits and warm color shirts.

Pristine White Diamond Cufflinks

Diamond Cufflinks – Pristine white and elegant, diamonds are the epitome of opulence and luxury. We don’t recommend diamond cufflinks for everyone. Only to the select few who wish to make a statement should wear these magnificent gems. Diamond cufflinks look fantastic with dark colored shirts with white buttons.

Deep Red Orange Garnet Cufflinks

Garnet Cufflinks – Men’s garnet cufflinks are the most unique set in the collection. The deep orange red is a distinguished color that must be paired delicately. Garnet cufflinks for men can be worn with burgundy suits and similar earth tones. For a more adventurous look, try combinations pairing light and dark contrasting colors with garnet.

Vibrant Yellow Green Peridot Cufflinks

Peridot Cufflinks – Thankfully, formal and business fashion has no lack of springtime colors. Soft light hues of any color will play well with the lively yellow green peridot. We recommend pairing two other contrasting colors to create a nice palette and show of your sophistication.

Bubble Gum Pink Tourmaline Cufflinks

Pink Tourmaline Cufflinks – Pink was not a popular color for men’s fashion until recently in these last twenty years, but we are happy that it is back in the mainstream. Pink tourmaline cufflinks can be paired with medium to light gray and tan suits with medium to light color shirts of any color. Lighter colors will make pink tourmaline pop while medium colors will compliment the gem.

Intense Ruby Cufflinks

Ruby Cufflinks – The color red suggests passion, intensity, and wealth. That also applies to genuine ruby cufflinks. You can create a look that is especially prominent with a black suit and white shirt against gold and ruby cufflinks. Men’s ruby cufflinks are an iconic look just like the signet rings worn in the 1900s. We recommend ruby cufflinks for men to anyone. With ruby cufflinks, vintage designs can be passed down from father to son as family heirlooms.

Swiss Blue Topaz Cufflinks

Swiss Blue Topaz Cufflinks – This light electric blue gem is a step up from aquamarine but not as intense as blue sapphire. It is the perfect blend of medium light blue that makes it a versatile gem for all light and medium suit and soft color shirt combinations. The vibrant gem also adds a splash of energy and youth to your look.

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