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Why cufflinks for men make the best luxury gifts?

Looking for the perfect luxury gift for the men in your life or yourself? Designer watches and pens are excellent, but they require experience for maintenance and warranties in case they break. Instead, try luxury cufflinks! They are unique pieces of fine jewelry that elevate any suit from stylish to bold. They don’t stand out like a colorful tie, but like a firm handshake, men’s cufflinks leave a lasting impression of power and authority. Soon-to-be grooms can rejoice as best man cufflinks are excellent gifts for his side of the wedding party and can be worn the day of the ceremony.

While men typically wear traditional cufflinks, our designs also include cufflinks for men and women!

Who should own unique cufflinks?

Not everyone has a pair of designer cufflinks and they probably don’t suit everyone’s tastes, but cufflinks are a fascinating accessory worth considering. Unique cufflinks add a level of sophistication and edge to the typical suit ensemble. They can be mixed and matched according to color, texture and pattern just like pocket squares or ties. Men’s designer cufflinks are ideal for the stylish individual who likes to add a subtle touch of class to their outfit and enjoys using them as an easy talking point at social events.

How can I customize my own designer cufflinks?

Finding the perfect pair of designer cufflinks for men can be difficult. Not only do you need to like the design, the cufflinks also need to match your outfit. How can you do both? Our cufflinks come in the versatile white gold with the option to select the gemstones from 11 different options:

Amethyst, Aquamarine, Black Onyx, Blue Sapphire, Citrine, Diamond, Garnet, Peridot, Pink Tourmaline, Ruby, and Swiss Blue Topaz.

Not only are you selecting quality cufflinks, you are designing them with artisan cut gemstones that have been made to sparkle. Finding unique cufflinks for men has never been easier!

Not sure how to design your own cufflinks? Our stylists recommend the following gems for your suits for classic cufflinks:

Black: Diamond
White: Black Onyx
Charcoal Gray: Amethyst
Medium Gray: Aquamarine
Light Gray: Pink Tourmaline
Navy: Blue Sapphire
True Blue: Swiss Blue Topaz
Dark Brown: Garnet
Tan: Peridot
Burgundy: Ruby
Pastel: Citrine

What styles do designer cufflinks for men come in?

Luxury men’s cufflinks come in a range of styles from minimalist to bold with something for everyone. The patterns include geometric, thematic, modern, simple, and statement and come in various levels of luxury. Our most premium cufflinks are lavishly decorated gems and we spare no expense to make these models sparkle. We also have all-metal exclusive cufflinks if you are looking for something subtle.

In addition to our high quality cufflinks, you don’t need to worry about a particular design being delicate or too fragile. Each style is suitable for occasional wear.

How do you maintain luxury cufflinks?

We understand that when you buy designer cufflinks online, they might not come with many instructions and that might be difficult for those who are not familiar with these types of products. Luxury cufflinks for men should be handled with care like all other fine jewelry. Mild soap, lukewarm water, and a gentle toothbrush can be used to clean good quality cufflinks without any trouble. The best cufflinks are also kept in soft, scratch-free containers.

How do you buy cufflinks online?

Finding cufflinks for sale might not be the easiest task to do if you are looking for quality. We recommend AZEERA when you buy cufflinks online. Our site allows you to check the cufflinks price online instantly as you select gemstones and customize your pair. The price of cufflinks at AZEERA is fair as we limit the number of middlemen in our production process and cut the gems ourselves.

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