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What makes Halo Engagement Rings special?

Halo engagement rings are one of the most iconic ring designs in jewelry. They excel in providing you function and form in your ring. Not only does the halo compliment or add contrast to your center stone, but it also makes it appear bigger. You can take a 1 carat round halo engagement ring and make it appear as if the center stone were 1.5 carats. It’s a like a jewelry optical illusion!

What size Round Halo Engagement Rings are the best?

The most common choice in size is the 1 carat center stone halo engagement ring. The price of your ring will vary with the type of gem you select, but we encourage you to design your ring however you desire. For those looking to maintain size within a reasonable budget, we have the following suggestions for you below:
1 Carat Halo Engagement Ring – Blue Sapphire, Diamond, and Ruby
2 Carat Halo Engagement Ring – Aquamarine and Pink Tourmaline
3 Carat Halo Engagement Ring – Amethyst, Citrine, Peridot, and Swiss Blue Topaz
4 Carat Halo Engagement Ring – Black Onyx and Garnet

What metal should I get for my 2 Carat Halo Engagement Ring?

We love gold halo engagement rings because they come in three colors: white, yellow, and rose, but again, the metal for your ring is a matter of personal preference. They each have either own benefits, but in terms of color combinations, our designers have highlighted which gem looks better with each metal:
Platinum Halo Engagement Rings – Blue Sapphire, Diamond, and Ruby
Rose Gold Halo Engagement Rings– Aquamarine, Pink Tourmaline, and Swiss Blue Topaz
White Gold Halo Engagement Rings– Amethyst, Black Onyx, and Garnet
Yellow Gold Halo Engagement Rings– Citrine and Peridot

Rose Gold Halo Engagement Rings

Rose gold was first used in the 19th century by Imperial Russia and resurfaced in the mainstream after World War II. Now, it has become a popular choice for engagement rings. We think it pairs well with halo engagement rings, and so we have identified several AZEERA designs that work well with rose gold in various shapes:
Rose Gold Oval Halo Engagement Rings - Zayya Ring and Daman Ring
Rose Gold Round Halo Engagement Rings – Zalka Ring and Ekala Ring
Rose Gold Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Rings – Tejas Ring and Dhala Ring

The Best Gemstone Shape for Halo Engagement Rings

The best halo engagement rings are the ones that appeal to you the most. Our halo designs come in round, oval, cushion, emerald cut, pear shape, and marquise. Each gem looks fabulous in a halo setting, but these three are our favorites and we’ll explain why:
Round Cut Halo Engagement Rings
Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Rings
Oval Cut Halo Engagement Rings

Round Cut Halo Engagement Rings

With halo engagement rings, round center stones are the most popular shape, and we love them too! As mentioned before, the cutting pattern of the gems and the halo adds a stunning compliment around the round center stone. Our round halo engagement rings also come in a variety of modern and traditional styles to choose from.

Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Rings

The cushion cut with halo engagement rings has been seen throughout history and is a timeless classic. In terms of halo engagement rings, cushion cut is also an affordable alternative to a round center stone. The cushion cut gem gives you the brilliance of a round with the symmetry of a princess cut. Cushion halo engagement rings are perfect for those looking for something unique and traditional.

Oval Halo Engagement Rings

Oval halo engagement rings are another popular choice. An oval gem looks larger than a round gem of the same weight, and this enhances the functional aspect of the setting. For oval halo engagement rings, rose gold looks amazing with the design. A yellow gold oval halo engagement ring is a close second for us.

Best Halo Engagement Rings and Trends

Because it is one of the most popular settings, there are many types of halo styles:
Simple halo engagement rings are the perennial choice because they are affordable and easy to design.
For halo engagement rings, yellow gold is an emerging trend as vintage designs are becoming popular again.
In recent years, sapphire halo engagement rings have been desired thanks to the Royal Family.
The infinity halo engagement ring with a braided is a stylish alternative to the traditional halo setting.
A 2 carat round halo engagement ring is ideal for a grand gesture of love.


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