Gemstone Overview-Emerald

Birthstone of May

Emerald is the distinguished green gem in the trio of precious stones, which includes rubies and sapphires. This timeless gem has been adored for thousands of years, with the ancient Romans believing that emeralds brought love and new life. Strong in composition, the natural inclusions make the emerald delicate. These fingerprint-like features are poetically called ‘jardin,’ meaning ‘garden’ in French.

It is the light from an emerald, green and clear, that is most alluring to those seeking out this elegant gem. Typically cut in ways to best highlight their features, each stone is unique in its characteristics and truly one of a kind.

The radiant gem was the embodiment of Venus, the goddess of love. Bearers of the gem had lasting marriages and increased fertility. With its deep green colors and rich tone, it is a natural compliment to the flowering of life that has made the Emerald regarded as gemstone that is truly alive. Azeera has selected emeralds that keep that tradition alive, with vibrant stones for you to relish for years to come.

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